Diego Sanchez In Hospital Due To Serious Covid Complications

MMA star Diego Sanchez has been hospitalized due to suffering from serious complications as the result of contracting the Covid-19 virus.

The 39-year-old former UFC fighter had first indicated that he was having a tough time with Covid a week ago, revealing that he had a laundry list of symptoms.

“Sh*tting, coughing, pukin, constant hot cold fevers, pain in every joint, migraines, 5 days no sleep and constantly short of breath,” Sanchez revealed on Twitter back on November 19th.

At that stage Sanchez sought the aid of an antibody cocktail to try to fight off the virus.

“If you qualify for regeneron antibodies they work it’s only been 6 hours and I’m feeling better! Thank you @luisbaboon for telling me about it ❤️ do not wait if you get the virus it only gets worse go to ounce you know jump on it ASAP.”

However, Sanchez’s condition appeared to deteriorate soon afterwards.

“I feel like a navy seal in sleep deprivation hell week! another sleepless night, my body is cleaning out all the poison🤢😮‍💨 the antibodies are working I’m told 3 days is all it takes for most people #regeneron #covidmedicine #healing,” Sanchez reported about 12 hours later.

Six days later, Sanchez posted a photo from hospital while revealing that he now had Covid-related pneumonia.

Unfortunately that wasn’t to be all the bad news from the 43-fight veteran as just a few hours ago he gave another troubling update.

“Blood clots now! Covid is no motha f*ckin joke,” Sanchez wrote. “Blood clots in both my legs.”

Despite his current struggles, Sanchez also told a fan that he remains a vaccine sceptic.

“I’m going thru it but I can’t say I’m sold on the vax at the current moment in time.”

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