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Joe Lauzon TKO’s Diego Sanchez In 86 Seconds At UFC 200

Joe Lauzon marked UFC 200 with one of his biggest ever wins, taking out the exceptionally durable Diego Sanchez by TKO in just 86 seconds.

Round One:

Solid body kick from Sanchez. He comes forward and lands a nice uppercut.

Lauzon takes the center of the Octagon and starts to press forward, but eats a leg kick.

Lauzon blasts Sanchez with a hard left hand to the chin against the cage and he drops to the mat. Sanchez gets back up, but he eats another banging shot that sends him right back down again.

Wow, we’ve never seen Sanchez rocked like this before. He gets back up, but he’s on wobbly legs and Lauzon is offering him no respite.

Sanchez all heart here just to remain standing as Lauzon tags him with uppercuts and hooks. Lauzon actually looks at the referee, willing him to stop Sanchez from taking further punishment.

Sanchez’s mouthpiece goes flying. He’s getting battered here and finally the ref steps in and puts him out of his misery, handing Lauzon a huge TKO victory just 86 seconds into the fight.

Sanchez had only ever been stopped by strikes once prior to UFC 200, in his title fight with BJ Penn years ago, so it was something of a shock to see him badly hurt like this so early in the fight. That’s a huge feather in Lauzon’s cap.

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