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Donald Cerrone Defeats Myles Jury By Unanimous Decision At UFC 182

Donald Cerrone put an end to Myles Jury’s undefeated run tonight at UFC 182 with a unanimous decision victory in the evening’s co-main event in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Nice early exchange with Cerrone landing a body kick and Jury simultaneously going for a takedown which he gets. Cerrone with an omaplata here and there’s a lull before he eventually uses that submission to get on top. Soon after he takes Jury’s back and starts threatening with a possible rear-naked choke.

He’s got the body triangle and Jury is doing his best to defend against a possible choke attempt. Seconds ticking away here as Cerrone remains patient in a good position. A minute to go and Cerrone suddenly sees the oppportunity to get an arm under his opponents chin and looks for that rear-naked choke, but Jury does well to defend and get out of that.

Jury still stuck in the same troubling position though, but there’s not long in the round to go. Cerrone switches up for an armbar attempt, but the buzzer sounds before he can lock it in fully.

Round Two:

Leg kick from Jury to start. He lands another quick one and another. Suddenly Jury bundles in on a takedown, but Cerrone defends it.

Cerrone lands a hard leg kick of his own. Light leg kick and a punch from Jury. Another hard leg kick in return from Cerrone. He’s taking the center of the Octagon here.

Cerrone with a couple of left hands then another hard right leg kick. Jury tries a spinning backfist, but Cerrone is out of reach. Right hand lands for Jury.

Exchange of leg kicks and again there’s a notible difference in power – Cerrone’s landing to hurt, Jury is point scoring.

Body kick from Cerrone and it’s almost caught by Jury. Another hard kick from Cowboy. Right hand from Cerrone and a body kick from Jury. Another kick from Jury, much harder this time.

More kicks exchanged. Right hand lands for cerrone and Jury misses with a right hook counter. Little combination ended with a body kick from Jury. Knee from Cerrone and a front kick to the body too as the round draws to a close.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Jury. Cerrone looking to press forward, but is met by a few punches by Jury. Jury lands a body kick.

Kick to the upper body from Cerrone. Spinning backfist attempt from Jury that misses. Cerrone with a solid leg kick and then another one. He’s the fighter pushing forward, but Jury is staying busy off the back foot too.

Cerrone with another kick and Jury clinches up thinking about a takedown attempt. The two men jockey for position in the clinch with three minutes of the fight remaining.

They break apart and Cerrone lands a big head kick. Big moment for Cerrone, but Jury stays standing. Nice body punch from Cerrone and has Jury backing up more now.

Jury tries a takedown attempt, but it’s stuffed. More leg kicks from Cerrone and Jury tries to get a takedown and has Cerrone up against the cage. He drops to his knees trying to get his opponent to the mat, but it’s just not happening and Cerrone shrugs him off and they stand.

Cerrone continuing to move forward with purpose and Jury swoops on another takedown attempt that doesn’t work out.

Cerrone decides to get Jury down and basically just bundles him to the mat. Then he starts to unleash vicious kicks to his grounded opponents legs. He’s really putting a ton of torque into these, much more than we’d normally see from this position, clearly getting out some frustration here and making a statement as the fight comes to a close.


Cerrone was definitely the better man on the night here and walks away with a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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