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Donald Cerrone Defeats Yancy Medeiros With Big TKO At UFC Fight Night 126

Donald Cerrone got back to winning ways in style tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 126 with a TKO vicory over Yancy Medeiros just two seconds from the end of the first round.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Austin, Texas!

Nice right hand for Medeiros to start and then Cerrone counters with a right of his own. Cerrone tries for a knee tap takedown, but it’s stuffed.

Spinning kick from Medeiros lands to the body. Body kick for Cerrone. Now a chopping leg kick for ‘Cowboy’. A couple of body kicks for Cerrone as Medeiros moves forward.

Body punch for Medeiros. jab for Cerrone. Right hand lands clean for Medeiros. Medeiros pressuring with punches. Cerrone seems to land and mediros slips and falls to the mat, but Cerrone lets him up and gives him a huge before they get back to it.

Another exchange and Cerrone lands another counter that puts down Medeiros for a moment. Nevertheless, Medeiros is still moving forward and Cerrone lands a knee to the body.

Cerrone into the clinch against the cage in the final minute of the round. Medeiros reverses the position and lands a knee to the body.

They break free and Cerrone lands a right hand. He tries to find a home for a few left hands, but doesn’t connect.

Final seconds of the round and suddenly a left hook and then a big right hook to the jaw connects for Cerrone and Medeiros is in all kinds of trouble from that as hewobbles on shaky legs and then faceplants on the canvas!

Cerrone goes in for the kill and lands more punches and though there’s barely any time left in the round, referee Herb Dean has seen enough and awards ‘Cowboy’ the TKO victory with 4.58mins of the clock.

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