This UFC 150 fight didn’t even last 90 seconds, but it contained enough action for 15 minutes of fighting as Donald Cerrone rebounded from an early scare to knock out Melvin Guillard.

Cerrone came out confidently at the opening bell and looked to land an early combination, but he neglected his defense and was rocked badly by a left hook counter from Guillard.

That put Cerrone down momentarily though he rose up again on wobbly legs and hit reverse gear with Guillard in hot pursuit.

Guillard unleashed more punches and then a knee to the body up against the cage and Cerrone continued to just circle away in survival mode.

They break apart for a moment and that gives Cerrone time to recollect himself. He then throws a left head kick and it glances Guillard near his temple, stopping him in his tracks.

Seeing his opponent is dazed Cerrone charges forward and lands a hard straight right that knocks out Guillard with just 1.16mins of the first round gone.

Cerrone did well here to survive the onslaught from Guillard that would have caused lesser men to wilt. To then become the first man to finish Guillard by strikes just moments later is very impressive indeed and cements his status as one of the most consistently entertaining fighters in the lightweight division.