Donald Cerrone Stops John Makdessi In Second Round At UFC 187

These two engaged in a stand-up battle and it was Donald Cerrone who was the dominant force with his kicks being his best weapon and eventually one broke Makdessi’s jaw deep in the second round and forced a TKO finish.

Round One:

Hard body kick from Cerrone to start and then a solid one to the leg. Another one connects. Then to the body again. Nice start from Cerrone.

Makdessi with a jab to the head. Another leg kick slaps in for Cerrone. Makdessi with a left hand.

Head kick connects for Makdessi. Credit to ‘The Bull’ who stays standing but eats a few more kicks lower down.

Another kick upside the head from Cerrone. Then to the leg again and Makdessi targest the body with a punch.

Knee to the midsection for Cerrone. Another leg kick snaps home. Body kick that’s almost caught by Makdessi. Left hand gets through during a short flurry from Cowboy.

Upstairs again with a kick that’s blocked this time. Left hook from Makdessi and then a left to the head. Another punch to the body.

Makdessi almost loses his footing a little and then has to defend Cerrone’s latest head kick attempt.

Cerrone looking to work his hands a little more now. Makdessi misses with a spinning kick to the body. Cerrone back to the leg kicks. Makdessi with a body punch and Cerrone fires off some punches in return to end the round.

Round Two:

Makdessi back to the body with punches then one upstairs and a kick to the leg.

Hard leg kick from Cerrone. Another one lands. Head kick wings over Makdessi’s head, but Cerrone then switches to a series of punches.

Front kick to the body from Cowboy and a punch. Hard knee to the head, punch combo and a kick from Cerrone who’s really putting it together nicely out there.

Makdessi to the body with a punch, but needs something more meaningful at this stage. Cerrone still varying up his kicks and punches to good effect.

Makdessi’s face reddening from the hits he’s taken. Makdessi catches Cerrone with a nice left hook counter.

They trade kicks. Makdessi tries a spinning head kick that doesn’t find it’s target. Left hook still an effective weapon for Makdessi. He lands a few leg kicks quickly.

Cerrone with a jab, Makdessi with a body kick. Elbow from Cerrone and a kick. Left hands and a kick for Cowboy.

Cerrone going to the head yet again and it connects cleanly. Makdessi steps back and immediately signals that he’s had enough, and that’s it with 4.44mins of the second round gone Cerrone has earned himself a TKO victory.

It’s big for a battle-hardened competitor like Makdessi to end the fight like that, but it turns out that he realized he’d broken his jaw so that was a smart decision.

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