Dong Hyun Kim TKO’s Dominic Waters From Crucifix At UFC Fight Night 79

Dong Hyun Kim TKO’d Dominic Waters in the first round at UFC Fight Night 79 in South Korea, taking him down early and locking up the crucifix position which enabled him to safely land ground and pound strikes until the referee stoppage.

Round One:

Kim with a cartwheel kick attempt, but it doesn’t quite pay off and Waters ends up clinching up against the cage.

They battle from this position and Kim almost drags Waters to the canvas. Waters keeps his feet for now, but then Kim executes a judo sweep to take him down hard.

Kim immediately into the crucifix position drilling Waters with good ground and pound. He pauses for a moment, then goes back to landing more punches and an elbow. Waters frantically trying to get out of this vulnerable position, but it’s not happening.

Kim continues chipping away at his head with short punches. Getting out of the crucifix is hard at any time, but against such a dominant grappler as Kim it’s just a nightmare.

He continues the ground and pound onslaught and that’s it, the ref has seen enough and Kim gets a first round TKO victory with on the clock. Kim was always expected to win this one, but it’s still nice to see him getting a decisive finish.

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