Doo-Ho Choi And Kyle Nelson Fight To Majority Draw At UFC Fight Night 218

What appeared to be an accidental headbutt by Doo-Ho Choi in the final round of his fight with Kyle Nelson tonight at UFC Fight Night 218 thankfully didn’t cause any significant damage, but had a pivotal role in the outcome as the point he was deducted led to a majority draw on the scorecards.

Round One:

Leg kick from Choi. Another low kick from him and Nelson misses with one of his own. Jab for Choi and then back to the low kick.

Choi tries for a front kick upstairs, but he’s off-balance now and Nelson takes advantage by swooping in to lands a takedown.

Choi looking to rise back up against the cage, but is unable to and starts to give up his back, which allows Nelson to climb onto it.

However, Choi starts to scramble and does well to end up on top in side control. Nelson gets him back to half-guard. Choi lands a punch.

Choi frees his leg to get back to side control. Nelson pushes off the cage with his feet and while he doesn’t get the reversal he does get back to half-guard.

Final few seconds of the round and Nelson is able to get his full guard in play and Choi looks to land a last blow.

Round Two:

Push kick for Nelson. Body kick from Choi. Now a body kick from Nelson too. Good jab for Choi. Choi with a leg kick, but Nelson lands a punch that rocks Choi.

Choi does recover though. Jab for Choi. Missed high kick from Nelson. Nice straight from Choi.

Leg kick for Choi. Right hand for Nelson. He drives into a takedown attempt but it’s from a distance and Choi saw it coming and stuffs it.

Choi now goes into the clinch against the cage. Right hook for Choi as he breaks away.

Leg kick from Choi. Overhand from Nelson misses. Calf kick again for Choi. And again. Body kick for Nelson. Another missed head kick attempt from Nelson.

Choi targeting the calf again and that’s starting to cause Nelson problems. Now a punch lands upstairs. Back to the leg kick.

Nelson with a solid body punch. Right hand for Choi. Missed uppercut from Nelson. Body kick for him. Hard one-two for Choi.

Leg kick for Nelson. Choi lands to the calf and then again before the round ends.

Round Three:

Right hook for Choi and then another heavy blow to the body, but Nelson responds by working a takedown. Choi moving up close to the cage and Nelson clinches up and looks for the takedown again. Choi down on his knees and is able tos stand.

Knees to the thigh from Nelson as he remains in the clinch. He tries for the takedown and after a bit of a struggle he is able to land a big one.

Not much attempt at offense from Nelson as Choi gets to his knees again and stands. Bit of a struggle leads to a scramble and it’s Choi who ends up on top. Good position for him in Nelson’s guard, but then what appears to be an accidental headbutt from Choi forces a brief stoppage for Nelson to recover and before they restart Choi is deducted a point.

Leg kick from Choi. Nelson drives in for a takedown and Choi does well to stay upright as they move over to the cage. Nelson continues to work for this and Choi continues to defend solidly.

Nelson on his knees trying to complete the takedown but then just stalls and so Choi takes advantage to land repeated hard punches and then elbows to his body in the final 10 seconds of the round.


That late point deduction for Choi after a headbutt inside the guard costs him dearly as though one judge sees the fight in his favor, the others see it even, resulting in a majority draw verdict (29-27, 28-28 x2).

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