Drakkar Klose Defeats Marc Diakiese By Split Decision At TUF 25 Finale

Drakkar Klose edged out Marc Diakiese tonight at the TUF 25 Finale by way of a split decision verdict, with his low leg kicks in particular taking a big toll on his opponent.

Round One:

Klose with a hard low kick to start and then another. Wheel kick from Diakiese misses. Another solid leg kick for Klose.

Klose able to lands a takedown in this opening minute of the fight. Diakiese quickly stands up with his back to the cage though.

Klose remaining in the clinch for now. He lands a knee and some foot stomps, then another knee to the body. Klose with another knee and Diakiese times that perfectly to sweep him to the floor.

He lets Klose up, but takes his back and then soon takes him for a ride to dump him to the mat again. Klose right back up, but Diakiese still clinching and takes his time before slamming him to the mat again.

Klose just won’t stay down though and scambles up. Diakiese Continuing to work in the clinch, but Klose is able to get Diakiese up against the cage.

Diakiese gets away from the cage and unleashes some dangerous offense. Klose with a low leg kick and that drops Diakiese to the canvas.

Klose able to get on top and working in half guard. Diakiese changes things up though by working for a leg lock. Klose plays comedian by just lying back with his hands casually propping his head up as if he’s just chilling out and that brings a laugh from the crowd, but Diakiese is able to use that submission attempt to get on top to end the round.

Round Two:

Diakiese with a winging punch that misses. Klose attempts that low kick again, but Diakiese times it and jumps over it while attempting a high kick of his own that doesn’t connect.

Klose into the clinch against the cage. he’s landing knees in there. Nice escape from Diakiese to get back to striking range.

Low leg kick for Klose. Another one lands. Now a kick upstairs misses. Crazy spinning kick from Diakiese, but it misses and leaves him open for Tavares to take down.

Klose unable to do anything with his opponent on the mat this time though and Diakiese is able to get back up. Low eg lkcik lands again for Klose.

Body and head punching combo for Diakiese. Now it’s Diakiese in the clinch and he lands an accidental knee to the groin that forces a brief stoppage.

They reset in teh center of the cage. Body kick for Klose. He gets back into the clinch against the cage. when they break free Klose lands a body kick.

Diakiese launching a few strikes in close. Klose with a leg kick and then reaches for a takedown and it’s stuffed.

Diakiese attempts another creative spinning kick attack and Klose is able to catch that and knock him to the mat.

It’s not long before he’s back up, but Klose lands that low leg kick again and it takes Diakiese’s leg out from under him yet again as the round draws to a close.

Round Three:

Klose with punches and a kick, and Diakiese responds with strikes of his own. Jumping switch kick from Diakiese lands, but Klose lifts his hands up and shrugs as if it didn’t hurt.

Klose with a takedown attempt, but Diakiese stffs that one.

Left head kick attempt from Diakiese is threatening, but doesn’t quite land. He lands a kick to the upper body.

Side kick to the leg from Diakiese. Punch for Klose. He lands a nice takedown. However, Diakiese manages to improve his position and as Klose stands he takes his back. He’s trying to lift him up and dump him to the mat, but Klose is defending for now.

Diakiese still clinched to his opponent’s back and landing knees to the back of his legs.

They separate and Klose soon initiates the clinch himself. Diakiese pushes him off. Klose reaches in with a right hand. Spinning kick to the body from Diakiese misses and Klose is taunting him.

Leg kick for Klose. Spinning backfist and a wheelkick for Diakiese but doesn’t trouble Klose. Now it’s Klose trying for a single leg, but Diakiese with a clever reversal attempt here. Doesn’t quite pay off, but that was eye-catching.

Back on the feet Klose is landing a right hand and Diakiese can’t find the room to get something of his own off before the round ends. We’re headed to the judges for a decision here.


The judges aren’t unanimous in their verdict here, but in the end it’s Klose who gets the nod via a split decision ruling (29-28 x2, 28-29) and then shows poor sportsmanship by trying to get in his opponent’s face to gloat about his win.


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