Dustin Poirier was in scintillating form tonight at UFC Fight Night 68 as he dismantled Yancy Medeiros with accurate, powerful punches en-route to a first round TKO victory.

Round One:

Medeiros with a jab and a leg kick attempt that doesn’t pay off. Medeiros with rangey strikes and Poirier lands a leg kick.

Poirier with a right and Mederios drops to the mat. He stands back up, but not for long as Poirier clocks him with another blow that sends him down again. Medeiros very tough and isn’t giving up, but Poirier is pretty much manhandling him here.

More forward pressure from Poirier and throws Medeiros down easily. He’s got his back and looks for a rear-naked choke, but Medeiros defends. Poirier stays in the position, but Medeiros manages to stand and they move away.

Poirier is right back to it and he looks like an absolute monster out there tonight. A body kick hurts Medeiros yet again and now a left staggers him to. Remarkable that Medeiros is still upright, but that just allows Poirier to tee off on him, battering him with punches, snapping his head left and right in rapid-fire fashion with the force of these shots. Nasty stuff and thankfully the ref steps in to save Medeiros from further punishment with 2.38mins on the clock.

Brilliant display from Poirier. He’s always been a good fighter, but it seems to all be clicking for him at 155lbs and he looks like a legit contender on this kind of form.