Dustin Poirier Submits Michael Chandler In 3rd Round Of War At UFC 281

Dustin Poirier emerged victorious in an all-out war with Michael Chandler tonight at UFC 281, submitting him in the final round with a rear-naked choke.

Round One:

Missed leg kick from Chandler. Poirier also failing to land cleanly with one. Chandler steps in with a nice punch. Now Poirier connects with a good left hand.

Chandler pressing forward with strikes. Punch to the body from Poirier. Chandler goes for a leg kick and Poirier checks it well.

Chandler with a flurry going to they body and then the head. Now a right hand from Chandler seems to give Poirier pause for a moment. Chandler sees it and he wades in throwing another big right. Poirier survives though, but won’t want too much more of that.

Another flurry from Chandler and a punch gets through. Now a solid punch for Poirier.

Seems to be a clash of heads there and Chandler is marching forward and he lands another hard punch. Chandler’s pressure and heavy hands really troubling Poirier here as more heavy leather lands.

Poirier showing a good chin though and Chandler opts to take him down. He doesn’t go all out for a finish though and Poirier works back to his feet.

Chandler with a suplex. He tries to throw a big punch from behind but misses and Poirier stands.

Crazy action here as Chandler throws a big hook and then Poirier starts to fire back and has Chandler hurt. Poirier picking his shots and finding some clean ones that leave Chandler’s face bloodied as he backs up against the cage.

Poirier lands more punches and a big elbow too as he ends the round on a high.

Round Two:

Body punch from Chandler as he presses forward, then gets into the clinch and lands a takedown.

Poirier with elbow strikes from his back as Chandler is in full guard and leaking blood heavily from his nose.

Poirier trying to throw up a triangle choke attempt. Chandler’s nose is absolutely pouring blood all over his opponent’s face.

Grizzly moment and Chandler is able to scramble free of the submission and get around to Poirier’s back. Poirier on all fours as Chandler start to try to sink in a rear-naked choke. Poirier seems ok though and the choke isn’t full in.

Poirier gradually able to turn and getting his back to the cage. Chandler pulling him away from the cage a bit though and so Poirier tries to work for a kimura. Chandler not having that though and starts to rough him up with a few punches.

Chandler with a flurry of punches and some of them looked to be to the back of the head. He resets and then goes for another barrage of blows, landing cleaner this time. Chandler stays on top in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Final round of a fight that really deserves to have been a five-rounder.

Stepping jab for Poirier. He tries for a head kick, but it’s blocked. Chandler thinking about a takedown, but it’s a bit labored and Poirier steers clear.

Poirier eager to strike, but Chandler moves forward and digs deep to hoist him into the air and look for the big takedown.

It doesn’t pay off the way he wanted though as Poirier reverses to end up on top and then take his back.

Poirier sinks in a rear-naked choke and it’s tight, leading to Chandler tapping out soon after at 2.00mins of the third round.

What a great fight between these two lightweight warriors that lived up to everyone’s high expectations for it.

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