Michael Johnson KO’s Dustin Poirier In 95 Seconds At UFC Fight Night 94

Michael Johnson took out his rival Dustin Poirier in devastating fashion tonight at UFC Fight Night 94, flattening him with a two-piece combo and then sealing the first round knockout finish with ground and pound.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway!

Johnson feels out with the jab and lands a leg kick to start. He lands a punch to the body. Poirier just missing with a right hook counter.

Exchange of leg kicks from both men. Johnson fires off a combination of hooks. Leg kick for him now. He’s started the busier man of the two.

Left hand gets through for Poirier. Leg kick lands. Poirier looking to piece together a combination of punches now, but as he unlaods, Johnson unleashes a right hook and then a left hand behind it that drops his rival hard to the mat.

It looked for a moment as if Poirier might be out, but that’s not the case just yet and Johnson looks to seal the deal by plunging down with another hard blow, then follows up with ground and pound for the KO finish just 95 seconds into the fight!

Massive win for Johnson that gets him back to winning ways in spectacular fashion and brings an end to Poirier’s four-fight unbeaten stretch at lightweight.

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