Eddie Wineland Knocks Out Scott Jorgensen At UFC On FX 3

Eddie Wineland and Scott Jorgensen put on what may well end up being a ‘Fight Of The Night’ performance in this bloody stand-up battle that finished with a big knockout win for Wineland.

Wineland did very well in the opening round. His speed and sense of range was put to good use and he was often able to catch Jorgensen with counters.

Jorgensen kept pressing forward though and was able to land some glancing blows of his own throughout the round, but the more meaningful strikes of the round belonged to Wineland.

In particular a powerful jab briefly sent Jorgensen to the canvas at one stage and though he got straight back to his feet he looked a little shaken and had to revert briefly to the clinch in order to regain his bearings. He ate a few more hard shots before the end of the round and was sporting a little blood on his face to boot, but he made it through to round two.

In the second Wineland still looked smooth on his feet, but Jorgensen was taking things up a notch and was landing his best strikes of the contest so far as he made a better job of closing the distance.

He also managed to open up a cut above Wineland’s left eyebrow with a knee and that resulted in his face being streaked with blood for the remainder of the fight.

The two continued to trade combinations for much of the round and it was good stuff to watch.

Then, with the fight looking like it was heading for a third round, Wineland suddenly landed big with a straight right down the pipe that floored Jorgensen.

He was pretty much out of it, but Wineland made sure with a handful of right hands on the ground, earning the KO with 4.10mins of the second round gone.

So, the former WEC champ gets his first win in the UFC, and in impressive fashion too. He looked very good on the feet here and proved his KO power by being the first man ever to finish Jorgensen by strikes.


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