Edmen Shahbazyan KO’s AJ Dobson Late In First Round At UFC On ESPN 53

Edmen Shahbazyan was on the receiving end of some big strikes from AJ Dobson early in the first round of their fight at UFC On ESPN 53 tonight, but before those five minutes were up he would land his own heavy artillery to claim a KO victory.

Round One:

Inside leg kick for Dobson. Low kick for Shahbazyan. Nice three-punch combo for Dobson. He throw a couple more punches and then another low kick.

Calf kick for Shahbazyan. Body punch for Dobson. Both land leg kicks. Body punch for Shahbazyan. Dobson just coming up short with punches down the pipe.

Hook for Shahbazyan, but then has to avoid punches from Dobson. Inside low kick for Dobson. Big punches from Dobson including a clean right hand wobble Shahbazyan who tries to go for a takedown in response. He can’t get it and they go back to striking range, but soon after Shahbazyan steps in and lands a nice trip takedown.

Smart move by Shahbazyan, but before he can fully settle Dobson manages to transition on top. Dobson settling into Shahbazyan’s guard and isn’t in any particular rush.

Shahbazyan looking for strikes from his back and works his way over to the cage, then stands up. Shahbazyan now turning Dobson into the cage. Shahbazyan looks to drag Dobson to the mat but almost pulls him down on top of him. He manages to get back up though without giving up position and then they go back to striking range.

Low kick for Shahbazyan. Exchange of strikes in close as Dobson looks to land big again, but instead it’s Shahbazyan who sends him staggering back into the cage and then slumping to the mat with a big punch, followed by a brutal barrage of ground-and-pound blows that secure a KO finish for Shahbazyan at 4.33mins of the opening round.

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