In an entertaining striking battle at UFC On FOX 16 tonight Edson Barboza claimed a unanimous decision victory over Paul Felder.

Round One:

Both men swing and miss with punches to start. Felder lands a punch and misses with a leg kick. They start to move around each other at range, settling into the contest.

Barboza with a leg kick. Body punch for Felder. Hard body kick for Barboza. Left hook lands for Felder. left for Barboza and then two kicks to the body.

Barboza to the head now with a kick, but it’s blocked. Barboza’s right eye swelling severely from an earlier hook, but he continues kicking.

Felder with a couple of nice left hands. He steps in with an upwards elbow that doesn’t quite land. Body kick from Barboza and a spinning backfist missees from Felder.

Good kick from Felder. They exchange leg kicks now and Barboza’s is the more powerful. Another hard one from Barboza and Felder actually smiles and glove taps in acknowledgement.

Spinning back kick from Barboza and it lands to the groin…ouch! Felder does his best to shake it off and after a minute or two he gets back to it.

Overhand lands for Felder and then Barboza responds with a two-piece punch combination. Wheel kick attempt from Felder just comes up short. Barboza knows a thing or two about that kick himself!

Good kick from Felder. Barboza returns fire. Spinning kick from Felder, low this time and it misses. Blocked body kick attempt from Barboza. Leg kick lands for Barboza and has to block a spinning backfist counter from Felder.

Round Two:

Nice exchange of kicks to start the round from both men. Powerful spinning body kick from Barboza. Exchange of punches this time at close range. Both men well up for this striking battle.

Right hand over the top from Felder. Spinning backfist lands for Felder, but Barboza unfazed. Leg kick for Felder. Punch connects for Felder solidly and then both exchange leg kicks at the same time.

Right hand glances for Barboza. He goes back to the leg kick now. Right and a left punch for Felder. Blasting body kick from Barboza.

Another spinning kick attempt from Barboza at the same time as Felder goes for the spinning backfist, but both just miss.

Leg kick from the Brazilian. Spinning elbow lands for Felder. Wheel kick connects with Felder’s upper back.

Suddenly Barboza tries a takedown, but Felder brushes him aside. Counter body kick from Barboza now. Felder trying to work his hands. A couple of right hands get through. He leaps into a knee strike as he tries to turn things up.

Really hard kicks from Barboza now. Spinning backfist again from Felder. Great striking battle here and we’re heading to a third round.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Barboza. Wheel kick attempt from Felder just misses. Leg kick for Felder now. Body kick for Barboza. Front kick attempt from Felder not quite connecting. Another body kick for Barboza.

Both with looping right hands that don’t find a home. Felder switching stances a bit now. Barboza moves around then steps in with a nice left hand.

Barboza with a leg kick, Felder misses with a jumping knee. Barboza shifting around now and again lands a good left. Misses a kick, but then lands a powerful switch kick.

Straight left for Felder. Both try a kick. Right hand now for Felder. Body kick attempt from Felder almost caught with Barboza and Felder tries a spinning backfist as he gets both feet back on the mat.

Felder steps into a knee and they exchange in close with Felder landing an uppercut. Powerful body kick yet again from Barboza.

Felder barrels forward into a takedown attempt, but Barboza stuffs it. They clinch briefly against the cage and then separate. Barboza with a final solid kick. Both men raise their hand believing they’ve done enough and at that moment it’s really clear to see the red welts that have formed to the upper body of Felder from all those kicks, while Barboza’s right eye is swollen. Close fight, will be interesting to see what the judges made of it.


The scorecards are in and it’s Barboza who’s kicked his way to a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).