Edson Barboza Outstrikes Bobby Green To Decision Win At UFC Fight Night 57

Edson Barboza was able to outstrike Bobby Green over the course of three rounds tonight in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 57.

Round One:

Barboza with a quick leg kick to start. He flicks up a front kick to the face that just misses. Barboza loads up on a big kick to the midsection, but Green then sweeps his other leg for the takedown. Barboza is right back up though.

Green looking to let his hands go a little. Left hand lands for Green. Barboza with a flurry of punches to the body and upstairs.

Another solid body kick from Barboza that prompts a shake of the head from Green. Green tries a front kick but Barboza connects first with a mid-kick.

More solid punches for Barboza. He lands a hard leg kick too. Green lunges and lands with a left hand.

Looked almost like a clash of heads there and a punch from Barboza too and again Green motions as if to brush it off. Very hard leg kick from the Brazilian. Barboza with a punch, but Green counters.

Jab and a left hook from Green. Solid punches from Barboza and a leg kick. Green attempts a clinch, but Barboza moves away from it. Green tries a flying knee that misses just as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Barboza flicking out the jab to start. He lands a low leg kick. Green misses with a front kick to the face. Head kick attempt from Barboza, but it’s blocked.

Barboza connects again. He tries a spinning kick to the midsection, but just misses. Green wading forward and get caught with a two-piece combination. Then Barboza lands a spinning heel kick to the head and Green staggers to the mat, but then gets right back up.

Green seems to have recovered quickly though and continues to press forward, but with his hands low he’s playing a risky game here.

Green leaps in with a flying knee to the body. Left hand lands for Green, but Barboza ducks under a spinning backfist that follows behind it.

Left hand followed by a leg kick for Green. Barboza tries a kick and it’s checked by Green. Barboza lands a hard punch to the head, but Green shakes his head dismissively, clearly recoveed after being hurt earlier in the round.

Barboza with a leg kick high to the thigh that buckles Green’s leg slightly. Green nicely times a flying knee to the body. He lands a leg kick too.

Barboza’s offense slowing down a bit now. Green lands another kick. Barboza lands a hard one of his own, and that’s the end of the round.

Round Three:

Green comes in and is met by hard blows from Barboza. Green pressing forward with his hands low. He lands a left.

Big head kick for Barboza that Green shrugs off, but he eats a punch too. Barboza working punches to the body. Green tries to clinch up, but Barboza having none of it.

Green tries a head kick of his own, but it’s comfortably blocked. Green with a couple of punches in close, but he’s immediately met by counters.

Green with a left hand. He gets through with another. Barboza lands a jab. Another close exchange of punches. Barboza attempts a spinning kick that misses. Left hand from Green, but a stronger counter lands for the Brazilian.

Heavy kick lands from Barboza and knocks Green off-balance. Barboza raises his hands aloft, taunting his opponent and Green tries to respond with a flying knee that misses. Barboza connects again as the fight comes to an end.


Despite Green’s forward pressure throughout the fight, Barboza’s striking was superior and rightly earns him a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3), handing Green the first loss in over four years.

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