Edson Barboza showed off his deadly kicking skills again tonight, taking out a tough opponent in Evan Dunham with a body kick in the opening round at UFC Fight Night 45.

Round One:

An early exchange in close and Barboza unleashes a quick 1-2 combo. Plenty of movement from Dunham as he moves around the outside.

Barboza unloads the first of what will no doubt be many leg kicks tonight. Dunham with a punch and Barboza counters.

Dunham charges in with a takedown attempt, but Barboza stuffs it and they reset. Dunham back to moving around on the outside. He darts in from time to time with a couple of strikes and then back out.

Dunham in again and lets his hands go with a few strikes that moves Barboza backwards, but the Brazilian is countering while on the back foot.

Barboza grazes Dunham’s body with a kick and it hurts him badly and he folds down to the mat clutching his mid-section.

Dunham’s tough though and tries to rise up again despite clearly being hurt, but Barboza is all over him with repeated right hands and so the referee calls an end to the fight to put him out of his misery with 3.06mins on the clock.