Edson Barboza’s Picture-Perfect Flying Knee KO’s Beneil Dariush At UFC Fight Night 106

Edson Barboza delivered another highlight-reel knockout tonight at UFC Fight Night 106, rendering Beneil Dariush unconscious with a spectacular flying knee.

Round One:

Dariush tries for an early head kick, but misses. Front kick to the body for Barboza. Overhand for Dariush. Both men trade blows at close range. Throwing caution to the wind early here!

Body punch and then a kick to the same region from Barboza. Dariush looking to push the pace. He lands nicely to the body. Goes their again and gets a hook counter.

Big head kick from Barboza out of nowhere is partially blocked by Dariush. He took that well.

Dariush looking for thai clinch, but Barboza is able to break free. Body kick for Dariush. Now leg kick. Another leg kick and a hook behind it as he continues to stay busy.

Left hook for Dariush. Jab for Barboza. Uppercut lands for Dariush, but the hook behind it misses. Barboza avoids a clinch and then eats a leg kick.

Big kick for Dariush. Body kick for Barboza. Dariush doesn’t succeed on a takedown attempt. Leg kick for Dariushh. He tries one upstairs to no avail. Back to the leg kick. Barboza lands a harder one.

Barboza backs away from Dariush’s relentless pressure game. Powerful body kick for Barboza. Head kick from Dariush is blocked. Right and left hooks for Barboza and his opponent attempting to return fire as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Nice double-jab for Barboza. Dariush comes forward and eats a big jab that snaps his head back. big body kick for Barboza. He’s forced to block a head kick from Dariush.

Superman punch misses for Dariush. Barboza lands a counter. Dariush grazes with a spinning backfist. Dariush with a jab into a takedown attempt, but Barboza defends it well and gets away.

Straight left lands for Dariush. leg kick for Dariush and then Barboza lands a more powerful one soon afterwards. Right hand gets through for the Brazilian and now a hard inside leg kick.

Dariush misses with a few punches. Barboza snaps in another leg kick. Dariush looks to flurry, but a groin punch lands from Barboza to force a brief stoppage.

Dariush attempts a high kick. Now he lands a nice knee. Dariush lands a jab and ducks into a takedown attempt, but Barboza sees it coming and lightning fast leaps into a flying knee that lands flush and knocks out Dariush with 3.35mins of the second round gone!

What an amazing finish that was, incredibly quick and perfectly timed.

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