Elias Theodorou Beats Sheldon Westcott To Become TUF Nations 185lb Champion

A fired up Sheldon Westcott came out aggressively in this TUF Nations Final, but found himself coming off second best against Elias Theodorou who ramped up the pressure as the fight went on and earned a second round TKO victory.

Round One:

Immediate action here as Wescott unloads with a series of short punches and then looks for a takedown. Not quite happening, but they remain in the clinch and then Westcott does get him down.

Westcott takes his back as Theodorou tries to get back up. He puts in his hooks and Theodorou stands with him still attached.

Theodorou leaning against the cage now trying to shake Westcott off. Westcott attempting to sink in an arm for the rear-naked choke and Theodorou battles with his arms to prevent it.

Suddenly Westcott starts to slip and falls off and as he hits the mat Theodorou is on him with a flurry of punches.

They get upright and then Westcott thinks about another takedown as Theodorou fires a knee up the middle. Westcott on his knees pressing Theodorou up against the cage still hoping to complete a takedown.

Theodorou defending and landing some elbows. He makes to get Westcott to the mat, but isn’t keen to follow him down there, landing a few kicks instead.

Westcott charges at him and is met by a strike. He could use a little more patience in his output at this relatively early stage in the fight.

Theodorou moving around and picking his moments to land strikes, putting together a number of kicks in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Westcott still pressuring to start as he looks to get the clinch, but Theodorou is connecting solidly with punches to keep him at bay.

Theodorou does nicely to spin around to his opponents back and then lands a big takedown. Westcott back up, but Theodorou still has his back and dumps him forcefully to the mat once again.

Westcott is up again and this time he’s pressing Theodorou against the cage and gets a takedown of his own. Not for long though as the position is soon reversed with Theodorou now on top and landing a few blows before the stand-up.

Theodorou pouring on the offense, with a left and right combo landing cleanly and kicks thrown into the mix to before he takes his opponent to the mat again.

Westcott works to his knees, but not for long as Theodorou puts him to his back again in side control and then moves to full mount, then back mount.

On his knees again now with Theodorou still attached and landing punches. Westcott rolls and gets Theodorou to half guard.

Theodorou continuing to land ground and pound from this position with a minute to go. Nice short elbows from him and Westcott looks to be wilting.

More elbows rain down and Westcott’s not doing a whole lot to defend it and so the referee steps in and calls an end to this fight.

So, Theodorou wins by TKO at 4.41mins of Rd2 and becomes the TUF Nations middleweight winner.

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