Elias Theodorou Defeats Cezar Ferreira By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 105

Elias Theodorou was able to overcome Cezar Ferreira by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 105.

Round One:

Theodorou eats an early punch as he tries for a kick. That doesn’t put him off though and he works another kick soon after.

Again Theodorou going for a body kick, and again he gets clipped with a punch. This time he goes upstairs with the kick and again Ferreira counters, sweeping his other leg to knock him off-balance.

Theodorou starting to work some punches now, but not finding his range yet. He lands another body kick, this time without getting countered in return.

A few more rangey kicks from him. Big low kick from Ferreira buckled Theodorou for a moment. Kick in return from Theodorou.

Body kick to the body for Mutante, but Theodorou bursts forward into the clinch and presses Ferreira against the cage.

Ferreira patiently waits for his moment to break free and get back to striking range. Mutante lands a kick to the leg and then another to the body on the other side.

Theodorou continuing with his kicking strategy and a few get through without anything in return, but in the closing seconds Mutante does land another solid counter punch.

Round Two:

Theodorou comes out pumping the jab. Both fighters coming up short with kicks. Ferreira reaches in for a takedown, but it’s telegraphed and Theodorou shrugs him off.

Theodorou goes for a knee, but Ferreira catches it and takes him to the mat all in one motion. Ferreira looking to get to a more dominant position, but Theodorou pops back upright. Ferreira still on him though and uses a footsweep to dump him back down to the canvas.

Theodorou back up again and then lands a nice punch as he breaks aaway. They exchange in close and Theodorou buckles Mutante’s legs just for a moment with a punch.

Theodorou continuing to be aggressive and is able to work a takedown, but Mutante is working for a guillotine choke. Back to the feet they go, but Mutante drops down working hard for that guillotine choke again. He really wants this, but Theodorou is ok and gets free.

Mutante able to stand and they go back to striking range. Final minute of the round. Hard leg kick from Mutante. Body kick for Theodorou. Both fighters taking a bit of a breather after the grappling battle earlier in the round.

Round Three:

A few kicks missing in the opening seconds of the final round. Theodorou starts finding a home for leg kicks. Now a body kick as Ferreira counters with a leg kick.

Left hook for Theodorou. He’s putting together more volume of strikes, though not everything is finding the mark. Body kick for Theodorou and then one to the leg as Mutante barrels in looking for a takedown that doesn’t pay off.

They both try to duck into a takedown at the same stage and end up in the clinch. They work there for a moment and then break away.

Both men slowing down, but Theodorou tries to press forward with a few strikes. Mutante then follows suit by bursting forward himself and goes straight into a takedown and lands it.

Ferreira able to take Theodorou’s back now and tries for a rear-naked choke. Theodorou able to defend, escape the submission and then scramble around to get on top.

Ferreira stands and Theodorou almost lands a takedown, but it doesn’t quite work out. Back to striking they go as the find comes to a conclusion and it will be down to the judges to pick a winner here.


The judges are unanimous in their decision that Elias Theodorou is the winner (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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