Erick Silva Submits Josh Koscheck In First Round At UFC Fight Night 62

Erick Silva racked up another impressive first round finish tonight in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 62 as he submits Josh Koscheck with a guillotine choke.

Round One:

Koscheck with a big overhand to start as he looks to get aggressive early. Silva with a body kick. Silva attempts a takedown, but it’s stuffed and Koscheck lands a nice elbow and presses him up against the cage.

He’s looking for the takedown and he almost has it, but Silva somehow remains standing, partly thanks to the cage. Koscheck still tied up though working hard to put him on the mat. Action stalling now and the ref separates them.

Koscheck wings past Silva’s head with an overhand and Silva throws one in return that also misses. Body kick from Silva and then a left hand drops Koscheck.

Silva on top with Koscheck turtled and then turns leaving Silva in his guard. Silva with a big strike but then Koscheck manaages to stand.

Silva connects with a hard punch and Koscheck staggers backwards looking wobbled. He stays upright though and gets time to clear his head before eating another stinging body kick from Silva. Koscheck with a body kick of his own.

Silva looking to strike and Koscheck misses with another big overhand. He’s really loading up on that strike, but the accuracy isn’t there. Koscheck continues to look to pressure his opponent, but Silva catches him hard with a punch and he looks rocked again.

Silva suddenly jumps into a guillotine choke and drops to the mat with it. Koscheck’s stuck deep in this submission attempt and that’s it, he’s tapped! Another big first round finish for Silva, stopping the TUF Season 1 veteran at 4.21mins.

Perhaps Silva now has the momentum to make a real run up the welterweight rankings and live up to his full potential, while for Koscheck, that’s his fifth loss in a row and with his chin looking very fragile these days surely retirement is now the right option.

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