Erick Silva made short work of Takenori Sato tonight at UFC Fight Night 36, with the beginning of the end coming with practically his first strike of the night – a hard, well placed body kick.

Round One:

Silva looking patient in the opening half a minute, then lands a good body kick that seems to have Sato hurt.

Silva moves in looking for strikes, but before he can do so Sato reaches desperately for a single leg. He’s struggling to get Silva down though and the Brazilian is still trying to hurt him even though he’s only on one leg.

First Silva tries a couple of crafty heel kicks to the head, then manages to rip his leg free and lands a good punch to Sato’s body. Then a flurry of punches to the head rain down as Sato continues to clutch in vain to Silva’s leg.

The force of the blows appear to have knocked out Sato and this fight is over with only 52 seconds on the clock!

So, a nice way for Silva to get back on track with a victory, though this looked like a a clear mismatch on paper and indeed that’s how it played out in the Octagon.