Fabio Maldonado TKO’s Hans Stringer In Round Two At UFC 179

Things didn’t look for Fabio Maldonado for a significant portion of this fight as he found himself being taken down and controlled by Hans Stringer, but mid-way through the second round he managed to turn the tables on the Dutchman and made it count, producing a TKO stoppage via ground and pound.

Round One:

A few strikes from the two men and then Stringer is able to take Maldonado down to the mat. He’s in half guard and lands a few punches and knees to soften up his opponent as he tries to improve his position.

He drops a few elbows as we approach the mid-way stage in the first round. Those strikes help Stringer to move into mount and Maldonado attempts to scramble out of the position. He’s unable to do so at first, but tries again and this time he does get up.

However, as they clinch up Maldonado seems to fall backwards and is straight back where he started with Stringer on top! Maldonado with a little blood near his hairline and Stringer lands a little ground and pound from his guard to end the round.

Round two:

Stringer connects with a right hand to start the round and then presses into the clinch. He lands knee strikes as Maldonado tries to break free. He manages to do so, but then starts to eat a couple of right hands from Stringer.

Stringer bundling in on a takedown attempt, but it’s a lazy one and is stuffed. Stringer with a few leg kicks and Maldonado motions him to do more of that, trying to lure him into the striking battle.

Stringer wisely decides against that and gets a takedown instead. They work over towards the cage and then Maldonado is up and manages to turn the tables, getting on top of Stringer for the first time in the fight.

Now it’s his turn to pepper his opponent with ground and pound with two minutes to go. He stands up and throws punches down at stringer who seems to be wilting here. Maldonado down to his knees and lands to the head and body.

Stringer is offering nothing here other than covering up and Maldonado continues to pepper him with punches until the referee decides he’s seen enough and hands the Brazilian the TKO victory.

Anderson Silva is in attendance tonight and he jumped up on top of the Octagon with his team-mate Maldonado to celebrate!


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