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Fabricio Werdum Outstrikes Travis Browne To Decision Victory At UFC On FOX 11

Fabricio Werdum brought an end to Travis Browne’s recent winning streak tonight in the main event of UFC On FOX 11, comfortably outstriking him on the feet over the course of five rounds to book a title shot against Cain Velasquez.

Round One:

The heavyweight main event is underway with a title shot at stake. Browne with a leg kick and Werdum lands a punch at the same time.

Browne goes upstairs with a heard kick, but it doesn’t connect properly. Werdum unleashes with punches and Browne clinches and lands some nice knees.

Browne tries to unleash a big overhand but goes off-balance. He continues to be offensive though and he hurts Werdum with strikes.

The fight goes to the mat with Browne on top landing ground and pound. Werdum’s highly skilled on the mat though and as they scramble back up he gets a takedown of his own and that’s bad news for Browne after a good start.

Werdum in Browne’s half guard staying heavy and landing some good ground and pound. Browne tries to get up, and at first it doesn’t seem like Werdum is going to let him, but then he does manage it and breaks free.

Back to the stand-up with Browne throwing a few kicks. Browne’s really throwing everything into his punches, perhaps leaving himself a little open for counters though.

Nice leg kick from Werdum and a good punch to the body afterwards. Werdum with a shot flurry of strikes and he’s finding some success with his striking.

Werdum tries a couple of kicks, and Browne catches one, walking him towards the cage with it and then opting to let go of it.

Werdum with more kicks.

Into the final stages of the round and Werdum is turning up the heat. He clocks Browne with a punch that seems to hit him, then follows up with more and Browne seems stunned, but the bell sounds to save him.

Round Two:

Leg kicks from Werdum to start the second. Then he goes to the body with it and an inside leg kick.

Browne with a high kick that’s defended and then Werdum responds with a flurry of aggressive strikes before getting a takedown.

Browne looking to stand against the cage, but Werdum’s latched onto his back. Werdum trying to sink in a choke, but Browne moves onto his back and Werdum’s in his half-guard.

Crowd are a little restless but this is a good spot for Werdum as he moves into side control. A little ground and pound from Werdum. More follows, including hammerfists and a few elbows.

Browne trying to get room, but Werdum steps over and thinks about an armbar. Browne gets up, but Werdum looks for a choke.

Browne out and walks away looking tired, but then sneakily throws a side kick. Browne’s trying to pretend like he’s just playing possum, but he really does look tired.

Werdum with a side kick of his own. Browne comes in with a left hook and then a right. Werdum with a spinning kick that misses, but he does land a nice knee to the midsection to close the round.

Round Three

Bronwe lands with a right hand and then Werdum pours on an offensive combination of punches and a kick afterwards. Nicely done.

Werdum pumps out the jab. Browne with a telegraphed overhand right. Werdum with a spinning backfist and more offense behind it as he continues to do well in the striking exchanges.

Werdum tries a kick and gets knocked off-balance to the mat. Browne’s not following him down and so he does a flip to get back up and then grins at Browne.

Werdum moves forward aggressively with punches and Browne’s in defensive mode. Their in close against the cage now and WErdum is still the aggressor, landing some nice knees and punches as Browne just covers up and tries to ride out the storm.

They break free. Browne tries an uppercut but it’s a labored punch and Werdum’s punches are much cleaner. More sluggish work from Browne and then Werdum lands a very well placed knee to his face.

Punch from Werdum lands and a head kick attempt. Now a body kick. Werdum seems very comfortable here.

10 seconds of the round to go and Browne’s just standing there not even looking to go forward, so Werdum moves in with a combination of punches and a kick to close off another good round for him.

Round Four

Browne really needs to get his act together and find his second wind if he’s got any change here. Double jab from Werdum connects and then a leg kick.

Browne charges forward with a punch, but misses. Now he’s pumping out the jab, throwing it with a little more control and energy than the previous round.

Nice jab from Werdum. He’s picking his shots more early in this round. Then he kicks to the body and punches to follow.

Still a lack of real pressure from Browne here and Werdum lands a body kick. Nice right hand from Browne sends Werdum backwards. Browne then with a hard kick that lands to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

Browne feeling out with the jab. He clips Werdum with a right hand. Werdum responds with a right hand followed by an uppercut.

Body kick from Browne that’s almost caught by his opponent. Browne comes forward and Werdum counters very nicely with a couple of punches.

Right hand connects for Browne and a big kick just wings past Werdum’s face. Then another misses.

Werdum pressures again with strikes, but stumbles a littler in the process.

The action slows a little until the final couple of seconds where they both trade slightly sluggish strikes. A closer round there, with Browne gaining back a little energy, while Werdum looked to be conserving his, but still appearing to be cruising to victory.

Round Five

Werdum ducks in straight away and gets a takedown. Browne’s right back up though.

Browne lands the jab. Couple of front kicks to the body from him. Werdum with the jab now. Good right hand from Werdum and then another to follow behind it.

Browne waiting rather than picking up the pace. Werdum tries for a takedown with three minutes remaining, but it’s stuffed.

Three jabs from Werdum and then a right hand. Another left and right connect. One more for good measure. Browne’s been very hittable tonight.

Body kick from Werdum. Browne lands a leg kick and then tries for a head kick. Jab snaps out from Werdum.

Jab’s working well for the Brazilian at this late stage in the fight. Browne winds up with a big right that misses.

30 seconds left and Browne tries a wheel kick that never looked like landing. Werdum moving out of danger then tries for a takedown and eats a punch after it’s stuffed.

Final 10 seconds and Browne’s trying to get something going, landing a punch and trying for a kick, but he’s very tired and can’t muster up a finishing blow to turn the tide.


A good display from Werdum then, especially in the early rounds before taking his foot off the gas a little in teh championship rounds and he earns a unanimous decision victory (49-46, 50-45 x2).

So, with a four fight unbeaten run under his belt, Werdum will now be the next man to face current heavyweight kingpin Cain Velasquez, hopefully in November in Mexico if the champ has healed from a shoulder injury in time.

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