Fabricio Werdum easily outpointed a lackluster Travis Browne tonight in the co-main event of UFC 203, but it’s a controversial moment involving the former champion after the fight that will get the most attention.

Round One:

Werdum comes out with a flying side kick to the head that lands! Browne stumbles, but resets and seems ok. Punch for Werdum. He goes in on a takedown, but it’s stuffed by Browne.

Werdum with a series of punches now. He’s started very fast. Browne looking to work his striking now as Werdum settles down a bit.

Werdum launches into a cartwheel kick that grazes Browne’s head. Crazy stuff from Werdum!

As they exchange Browne backs away in pain motioning to his hand. Werdum runs in trying to continue the fight, but the referee stops the action and allows a doctor to check on the fighters hand. He shouldn’t be allowed time like this if he’s just hurt his hand. It seems he may have dislocated a finger, but he’s able to pop it back into place and says he wants to continue fighting, so that’s what they do.

Body kick from Werdum. As Browne presses forward Werdum flops to the mat trying to bait him to the ground, but that’s not happening and he gets back up. Werdum with another body kick.

Werdum backs Browne up against the cage with a flurry of strikes. He remains there pressing Browne up against the cage.

They break free and Browne lands a strike. Werdum with a spinning kick attempt. Front kick to the body for the former champion. Browne with a solid jab.

Right hand gets through for Browne as he works his way into this fight. Body kick for Werdum, but Browne catches it and dumps him to the mat, though he doesn’t follow him there.

A few leg kicks from Werdum now. He lands a piston straight right that floors Browne! Werdum follows him to the mat and puts him udner pressure before taking his back. He’d like the rear-naked choke, but it’s not going to happen in the time remaining and he lands some ground and pound instead.

Round two:

Werdum glances with a straight right, but Browne lands a left counter. Wheel kick from Werdum partially lands and then flops to the mat, but Browne remains standing.

You have to wonder if Werdum will tire himself out doing all these highlight-reel moves. There’s a bit of a lull in the action as Werdum takes a breather, then he lands a leg kick.

Much slower pace now as Werdum lands a body kick and a jab. Browne not attempting to pick up the pace himself. Werrdum lands a front kick to the body.

Front kick to the body from Browne. Solid kick for Werdum to the body. He steps forward with an uppercut.

left hand connects for Browne, but Werdum responds with a body kick. He steps into a body punch there. A few moments later Browne does the same in return.

A minute of the round remaining. Browne misses with a left hook. Kicks from Werdum. Now a jab from him. Teep kicks from Werdm.

Jab for Browne. Left hook followed by a right leg kick for Browne. Werdum again tries to lure his opponent to the mat, and again fails. He tries a wheel kick too at the end of the round that doesn’t land.

Round Three:

Left and a right lands for Werdum. He tries for an overhand right that’s blocked. Now he targets the body with a punch. Body kick for the Brazilian. Nothing coming in response from Browne.

Leg kick for Browne. And again. Werdum gives him a couple in reply. Nice right hand for Werdum snaps Browne’s head back.

Right hand over the top for Werdum. He reaches for a single leg, but Browne shrugs him off. Body kick for Werdum. Browne feeling out with the jab, but not really fighting with any conviction here.

Good right hand and a left behind it for Werdum as he marches forward. Left hook for Browne. Kicks for Werdum.

two minutes to go and Werdum is cruising to a win as long as he doesn’t get caught with something big by Browne. Nice combination work from Werdum, but Browne does land a good strike afterwards that gets his attention.

Browne with a head kick attempt now. Solid right hand for Browne. Nows the time to turn it on if he’s going to. He lands a one-two as Werdum covers up.

Werdum tries a leg scissor takedown that doesn’t work. Punch for Werdum. Leg kick. Nice jab. Fans booing at the relative lack of action, and a lot of that is down to Browne who’s just not got going at all in this fight.

Kick to the body for Werdum as the round comes to an end. We’re headed to the judges, but there’s little doubt about the winner here.


As we’re waiting for the decision Werdum interacts with the fans, and since they are booing he motions a ‘boo-hoo’ sign at them, which doesn’t go down well.

Moments afterwards Browne’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan appears to be mouthing off at Werdum, who lashes out angrily with a front kick at him.  Both he and Browne then get back into a fighting stance, but neither engages. Werdum’s almost completely losing the plot here, but in the end the fighters cornermen are ordered out of the cage and we do get to hear the result.

As you’d expect it is Werdum who gets the unanimous decision victory (29-28, 29-27. 30-27), but it remains to be seen whether he’ll get into trouble for lashing out at Tarverdyan.

Crazy stuff, and just a bizarre performance from both men all round, with Werdum throwing a lot of fancy moves we don’t normally see from him, while Browne was just never really in the fight.