Fighters Announce Class Action Lawsuit Against the UFC

At a press conference today in San Jose, California a class action lawsuit against the UFC was officially unveiled.

The lawsuit relates to claims that the UFC have violated antitrust laws by using their dominant position in the world of mixed martial arts to cripple the free market.

Examples of this included in the lawsuit include a claim that the UFC prevents fighters working with other MMA promoters, as well as earning profits from their own marketing deals and sponsors.

Several well known fighters are plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed today including current UFC middleweight Cung Leand former UFC stars Jon Fitch, Carlos Newton and Nate Quarry.

According to official documents the fighters lawsuit, “seeks treble damages and injunctive relief under the Sherman Antitrust Act.”

“Because of the UFC’s coercive practices, competitive market forces have been strangled, future earnings power of the athletes is stripped away, and purses to the fighters are artificially depressed,” a quote from Cung le reads.

“They control our likeness. They control our career and that’s a choice we as fighters should have and we don’t have that choice,” Le also said. “I’m going to represent all the fighters that are scared to take a step up.”

“We’re prepared for a very long and tumultuous fight,” retired fighter Nate Quarry stated. “We have confidence we’re in the right.”

“UFC’s threats are taken seriously by fighters because they know that a UFC ban will substantially diminish, if not end, their ability to earn a living at their chosen profession,” said Attorney Joseph Saveri.


  1. A terminal collapse of the UFC would be a very good thing for the sport of MMA. A bad thing for the business of UFC, but a very good thing for the sport itself.

    With popularity already established, a fresh start on a new foot could bring a revived level of excitement and professionalism to mixed martial arts.

    Thanks for all you’ve done Dana, now scram.


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