Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin has become the latest big name star to have successfully applied to use Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission’s Keith Keizer yesterday confirmed that Griffin applied to use TRT before his co-main event fight with Tito Ortiz at UFC 148 last weekend.

Kizer was also able to confirm that Griffin was tested both prior and after the bout and his testosterone levels were within the legal limits.

Griffin now joins other major stars like Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and Frank Mir who are also using the controversial treatment which can be legally prescribed by a doctor if a fighter is discovered to have abnormally low levels of testosterone.

At UFC 148 Griffin emerged as the victor in his rubber match with Ortiz in what proved to be another close and competitive fight.

After learning of Griffin’s TRT usage Ortiz, who retired after the fight, was quick to accuse his opponent of cheating.

“Sorry to hear you had to use #steroids to beat me!Wait or try to beat me. @ForrestGriffin = #cheater lol. Have a good day!”

Griffin angered some fans on Saturday night by attempting to walk out of the arena immediately after his fight before hearing the announcement, and then deciding to take the mic of Joe Rogan so he could conduct Ortiz’s final interview before retirement himself which ended up being a painfully awkward moment.

While he’s always had a reputation as a fan favorite, news that he’s now using TRT as well is unlikely to go down too well with his followers.