Frank Mir Wants Release From UFC Contract Due To Suspension

UFC heavyweight star Frank Mir has stated that he is looking to get released from his contract with the promotion, so that he can explore other options as he faces up to a likely two year suspension from the sport.

Mir tested positive for oral turinabol metabolites following his loss to Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 85 back in March, and though he initially protested his innocence, he’s now come to accept that he’s going to be banned from competing until March of 2018.

“I didn’t see any advantage or course of action that would have been conclusive or really had any percentages on my side where I could win,” Mir told Ariel Helwani on ‘The MMA Hour’ radio show. “It’s starting to look very expensive to fight, and if at the end of it I’m still suspended and I’m not allowed to fight or broadcast, I have to start to think about my savings as I’m trying to raise children, I made a decision to forego trying to battle it anymore.”

Mir is now looking at alternative ways to keep a roof over his head, and the fact that being suspended while in the UFC means that he won’t be able to do broadcasting work for them has further limited his options.

“After I realized three weeks ago the situation in its entirety, and looked at my savings account and what my kids cost to raise, I realized I have to go make a living,” Mir said. “Being tied up not able to fight and not able to do any analytical works. .. I know they’re very busy, there’s a lot on their plate, so I’m trying as patiently as a person can be find time to get in front of them and discuss the issue.”

It remains to be seen what would come of such a meeting, but it seems that Mir would be looking for the UFC to set him free from his contractual obligations.

“Right now I’d like to be released by the UFC so I can continue my career in other avenues.”

Mir would still be suspended if he was cut loose by the UFC, but he could potentially attempt to fight overseas, though it sounds more like he’s more interested in exploring the possibility of broadcasting work instead.


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