Frankie Edgar Earns Unanimous Decision Victory Over Cub Swanson At UFC Fight Night 128

frankie edgar ufc 200

Frankie Edgar got back in the win column tonight at UFC Fight Night 128 with a unanimous decision victory in his rematch with Cub Swanson.

Round One:

Edgar circles on the outside to start. He pumps out the jab. He flashes out the right hand, but Swanson ducks under.

Body punch for Swanson. Edgar misses with a head kick attempt. Body kick for Edgar. Jab for Swanson. Single leg attempt from Edgar, but it doesn’t pay off and he quickly abandons it. Now he lands a body kick.

Low kick for ‘The Answer’. Nice right hand counter from Edgar as Swanson comes forward. Edgar lands a right hand and that seems to stagger Swanson backwards, but he quickly recovers as Edgar clinches against the cage.

left hook for Edgar as they separate. Leg kick for Edgar. Now a head kick attempt that’s blocked. Edgar attempts a kick upstairs, but slips and quickly get back up again.

Nice right hand counter for Edgar. Low leg kick for Swanson and then a spinning kick as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Cautious start to the second round. Edgar pumps the jab and Swanson counters with a left hook. Swanson keeping range with his jab now.

Edgar tries for a knee tap then opts for a punch instead. leg kick for Edgar. Another lands. Now one inside and then a head kick attempt that’s blocked.

Punch to a leg kick for Edgar. Right hand for Swanson and Edgar tries for a takedown that doesn’t pay off and is quickly abandoned. Another leg kick for Edgar.

Inside leg kick for Edgar. Now a two-piece combo. Good low leg kick for Swanson. Head kick attempt from Edgar is blocked. Swanson feeling out with the jab. Edgar steps in with rapid-fire jabs of his own. Slip from Swanson, but Edgar doesn’t capitalize.

Edgar tries for a takedown, but Swanson stuffs it and lands a few quick punches.

Round Three:

Jab for Swanson. Another lands. Edgar trying to get in on a takedown, but Swanson doing a good job of fending him off for now.

Nice counter left hand from Edgar. Body kick for Edgar. Body punch for Swanson. Head kick attempt from Edgar doesn’t pay off. right and a left for Edgar. Now a nice leg kick.

Right hand for Edgar. Bak to the leg kick. Short exchange with Swanson working to the body as Edgar targets the head with short punches.

Swanson with a punch and then into a head kick that’s blocked. Edgar works for a takedown and this time presses Swanson up to the cage as he continues to work for it. Knee strike from Swanson. left hook for Edgar as they separate.

Head kick blocked by Swanson. nice short lefts from Edgar as Swanson looks for an elbow in return. Good right hand for Swanson. Now they exchange punches toe-to-toe.

Quick left hand for Edgar and that’s the final notable action of the fight.


A comfortable striking performance from Edgar here then and he emerges with a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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