After an unsuccessful bid to win back the UFC’s lightweight title last weekend, Frankie Edgar has revealed that he going to consider a move to the featherweight division soon.

“I’m going to give myself a week to kind of just let all the emotions go away, just relax and enjoy my family and then sit down probably Sunday with my team and everyone else and just start bouncing some ideas around,” Edgar told Sherdog Radio yeterday. “Forty-five is a possibility. Fifty-five, I’ve been so successful and I would love to get a shot at the 155-pound belt again. Who knows?”

The fact that he’s even willing to entertain the possibility of a move to 145lbs is a significant step for Edgar as he’s resisted even UFC president Dana White’s personal pleas to do so up until this point.

While it’s likely that his heart still lies with a continued battle to get back into title contention at lightweight, he does acknowledge that he is also excited by the potential of a fight with featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo.

“The 145-pound belt is definitely a prestigious belt to go after, especially with Jose Aldo at the helm of it all, but I’ve just got to really sit down and just discuss it with my team and my family and just make the right decision for myself.”

Interestingly, UFC president Dana White indicated at the weekend that Edgar wouldn’t necessarily walk straight into a title fight and would instead need to prove himself by taking on a top contender.

Meanwhile, Edgar’s boxing trainer Mark Henry had some interesting thoughts on what he’d like to see next for Edgar.

“Me personally, I’d like to see Frankie for like a year to take a rest on his back and his body to fight people at 135,” Henry told SiriusXM Fight Club on Monday.

“I’d love to see him have three belts [bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight], three different weight classes and be the first ever to do it,” he said. “That’s what I’d love to see him do.”

That’s a nice idea, and Edgar, who barely has to cut weight to make 155lbs, could certainly do it, but I suspect he’ll most likely end up at featherweight in a No.1 contender bout next.