UFC star Georges St.Pierre has done a good job of keeping his intentions secret since announcing he was vacating his welterweight title in order to take some time off from the sport, but apparently his boxing coach Freddie Roach didn’t get the memo!

Read below for some of Roach’s insights into what’s going on with GSP during an interview with FightHubTV which you can also scroll down to watch for yourselves.

Regarding The Length Of GSP’s Planned Hiatus:

Roach said GSP had intended to take two years out from the sport, but he advised him that he should either return in a years time or retire.

Regarding The Reasons For GSP Taking Time Out:

Roach mentioned a couple of different reasons St.Pierre had opted to step away from the sport for an extended period.

Firstly, he claimed that the long-time welterweight champion had confided in him that he was getting regular headaches which was a concern.  Roach advised him to take the time necessary to get checked out fully by doctors to ensure that there wasn’t any underlying issues there.

He also mentioned that the way Dana White had treated him after his last fight had left him a little “depressed.” Roach said that if it was him he’d have been looking to try to leave the UFC and fight for another organization if it was possible, but that realistically they are the only show in town.