Legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach has been talking about his on-going work with UFC star Georges St.Pierre as the welterweight champion prepares for his return to action against Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in November.

According to Roach, GSP has asked him to come to Montreal to help train him for the bout, and he’s agreed that if he can find time in his hectic schedule that he’ll do so.

In the mean time the Canadian has been training at his Wild Star gym in Hollywood.

“He’s been in my gym working with one of my other trainers for the last couple of days,” Roach tells fighthub.tv.

“He’s been doing the stand-up at first, and he’s start doing the ground work next week he told me, and he’ll be in great shape for this fight by the time it comes.”

In the past Roach has been insistent that he doesn’t like the idea of a “superfight” between St.Pierre and Anderson Silva, and with the fight rumored to be closer than ever to becoming a reality the man who guided Manny Pacquiao’s career through multiple weight classes still believes it’s a physical mismatch.

“I’ve trained both guys and Anderson is a very talented boxer. He’s very good. He’s 6-0 as a pro in Brazil and has more experience than a lot of the guys in the UFC.

But, the thing is, he’s just too big, you know? The size difference – the want Georges to come up in weight and him to come down in weight and so forth, and Georges yesterday told me he’s not comfortable coming up in weight. He likes the way he’s fighting right now, he feels that’s where he’s at his best and I don’t think that fight’s really going to happen because I think that he’s too big for him.”

One fight that Roach would like to see happen however is GSP Vs Nick Diaz.

“I want to see it,” Roach says with a smile. “They tell me he’s the best boxer in the UFC and he has the best hands…I don’t see it that way. He’s a tough guy I know, and I respect his toughness and I don’t know him personally, but I like the way he fights. He’s got a lot of balls and I like that in fighters an so forth, but I have a good gameplan how to nullify his offense, and I like that fight.”

Watch the full interview below.