Gegard Mousasi looked in excellent form tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 41 against Mark Munoz as he dominated the proceedings and finished with a first round rear-naked choke submission.

Round One:

They start off the main event with a tap of the goves. Munoz immediately reaching for a takedown attempt, but can’t get in on his opponent’s legs.

Again Munoz tries and drops to his knees unsuccessful. Mousasi sprawls and Muno manages to get him in position and attempt a big slam to the mat, but Mousasi ends on top then gets back up on his feet.

Mousasi trying to stalk his opponent around the cage now. They clinch against the cage and Mousasi lands a few punches and a very nice knee to the midsection before they break apart.

Mousasi takes the center of the cage again and lands a leg kick. Munoz back in on a takedown attempt and Mousasi sprawls on him, landing a few punches to the head while doing so before managing to get on top with Munoz on his back.

Mousasi manages to move into full mount, then to his back again and is landing some hard elbows.

Munoz manages to get back up against the cage and clinches up. Munoz goes for the takedown, but Mousasi does very well to end up on top again, landing in full mount.

Mousasi looking really good tonight and he has Munoz’s back now and sinks in a rear-naked choke. Mousasi flattens him out, continues to crank on the choke and forces the tap with 3.57mins on the clock!

Excellent performance from Mousasi, his best performance in quite some time and against a well respected opponent in Munoz so that’ll surely boost him up the middleweight rankings.