Georges St.Pierre has been talking about his upcoming title fight with Nick Diaz in a new UFC 158 pre-fight interview.

“I believe I’m more athletic than him, I have more tools and that’s why I’m going to win the fight,” says of his opponent.

The aspect of Diaz’s game that could most threaten GSP is his boxing, but GSP has spent time training with world renowned boxing coach Freddie Roach at the famous Wild Card gym and is confident that will stand him in good stead on March 16th.

“He’s very good with his hands, he’s a great boxer – one of the best in mixed martial arts, but I’m training with better boxers than him and guys I believe are better in that regard.”

All in all the champion is confident enough going into this fight that he’s convinced that it’ll only take him five minutes to assert his authority over the former Strikeforce welterweight champion.

“After the first round Nick Diaz will know he’s gonna have a bad night and I’m a better fighter than he is.”

Watch GSP’s full interview below.