Gerald Meerschaert Defeats Trevin Giles By Submission In 3rd Round At UFC On ESPN 5

Gerald Meerschaert showed of his grappling skills today to earn a third round submission victory over trevin Giles at UFC On ESPN 5.

Round One:

Leg kick for Meerschaert. Missed head kick for him. Big right hand for Giles though snaps his back back.

Knee from Meerschaert, but Giles simulataneously lands a takedown. He’s in side control and steps over to full mount, but Meerschaert muscles him off and is put back to half guard.

Meerschaert manages to sweep him though and ends up in full mount with over half the round remaining. Meerschaert taking his time here.

A few right hooks for Meerschaert. Giles tries to shake him off, but nothing doing for now. Still very patient from Meerschaert. Crowd getting restless but he won’t mind.

However, Meerschaert then postures up and Giles does a good job of reversing him to end up on top. Meerschaert moves to his knees and Giles stays heavy on him and lands a punch.

Meerschaert trying for the reversal again, but Giles improves to side control. Now north south as Meerschaert is on his knees again. Giles navigates around him and ends the round on top.

Round Two:

Exchange of punches without a clean connection and then Giles goes for a head kick that’s blocked. Meerschaert drives into a takedown against the cage, but for now Giles remains upright.

Giles sprawls on Meerschaert, who seems happy just to get the fight to the mat. Giles in half-guard. He almost gets to full mount, but then settles for side control.

Meerschaert briefly onto his knees then Giles goes back to side control and takes full mount. Meerschaert gives up his back, but Giles is too high on him here and Meerschaert is able to sweep on top.

Meerschaert working from inside Giles guard now. Meerschaert patient again but lands a couple of left hands. Just enough Meerschaert strikes to keep the ref at bay, but not really landing anything meaningful as yet.

slow pace in the final 30 seconds. Meerschaert postures up but doesn’t land before the round ends.

Round Three:

Body kick for Meerschaert. Punch lands for Giles, but Meerschaert partially lands with a head kick. Meerschaert’s takedown is stuffed, but he scrambles into an advantageous position on top soon after.

Giles tries to scrambles out, but Meerschaert works for a choke and it looks tight.

Giles able to defend for now as he goes to his knees, but then Meerschaert wraps in the guillotine choke tight and Giles taps out. The Ref can’t see it from his position though and it’s a few more seconds before he spots what’s happened and waves off the fight at 1.49mins of round three, by which point Giles is unfortunately already unconscious.

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