Giga Chikadze Beats Alex Caceres By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 225

Giga Chikadze was able to outstrike Alex Caceres to win a competitive unanimomus decision victory today at UFC Fight Night 225 in Singapore.

Round One:

Side kick to the body from Caceres. Reaching punch from him. Solid kick lands for Chikadze. he lands another heavy one to the body.

Fast jab from Chikadze. Caceres darts into range with a punch. Inside leg kick from Chikadze. Body kick for Caceres.

One-two for Caceres. Nice spinning backfist from Caceres finds the target. Fast high kick from Chikadze. Inside leg kick for Caceres.

Right hand from Chikadze. Step-in punch from Caceres. Side kick to the chest from him. Solid kick for Chikadze.

Inside leg kick for Caceres. He misses with a superman punch. Flicking jab lands a couple of times. Head kick attempt from Chikadze.

Hard calf kick from Chikadze and then a body kick on the other side. Body kick for Chikadze. Now a right hand.

Reaching left hand from Chikadze. Caceres swings and misses as Chikadze lands a jab on the counter. Body kick for Chikadze. Now a right hand.

Round Two:

A few missed strikes from Caceres. He gets a body kick through. Now a head kick attempt. Chikadze with a head kick of his own that misses.

Chikadze with a few missees too as he struggles to get his timing against Caceres style. Jab and a one-two for Chikadze now.

Body kick for Caceres. Chikadze with a kick and a flurry of punches, landing a right hand in there. Chikadze lands a nice counter and a kick to the body.

Caceres pressing forward swinging for the fences, but getting a bit reckless and not finding the mark.

Oblique kick for Caceres. Spinning head kick from Caceres misses. Chikadze with a couple of punches to the body.

Heavy straight right lands for Chikadze, his best punch of the fight. Body kick for Caceres. Front kick to the body from him and a left hook response from Chikadze.

Body kick for Chikadze. Jumping side kick to the body from Caceres. Front kick to the body from him is greeted by a hard counter punch.

Switch kick to the body from Caceres. Head kick attempt from Chikadze is blocked.

Round Three:

Head kick attempt for Chikadze. Now a solid right hand. Caceres feels out with a few kicks and Caceres lands a low kick.

Nice counter punch from Chikadze seems to trouble Caceres for a moment. Body kick from Caceres. Right hand from Chikadze.

Nice punch and a head kick behind it from Caceres. He tries to go upstairs with a kick again. Jab for him. Solid dig to the body.

One-two and a body kick from Caceres. Now a heavy right hand sticks for Chikadze. Body kick lands from him.

Caceres punches to the body. Oblique kick from Caceres. Hard straight right for Chikadze. Now a body kick. Another one.

Now a couple of chopping kicks to the calf from Chikadze. He fires off punches to the body. Back to a couple of body kicks.

Inside leg kick from Caceres and a head kick attempt. Punch to teh body from him. Big kick to the body from Chikadze. Caceres throws one of his own.

A couple of right hands getting through from Chikadze. Bit of a frenzied exchange in close as the round comes to an end and we head to the scorecards.


This was a competitive stand-up battle then, with Caceres tricky style and movement meaning that Chikadze took a while to settle into the fight, but ultimately he was the one consistently landing the harder, more effective strikes and as such he earns a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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