Gilbert Burns Beats Jorge Masvidal By Unanimous Decision At UFC 287

Gilbert Burns ended Jorge Masvidal’s career on a loss tonight at UFC 287, beating him by unanimous decision to confirm ‘Gamebred’s’ retirement from the sport.

Round One:

Outside leg kick for Masvidal. Now he lands one to the inside of the leg. Burns with a kick of his own.

Another calf kick for Masvidal. Burns misses on a hook attempt as he tries to find his range.

Step-in straight right land for Burns. The two fighters staring at each other from range, but not really committing to closing the distance so far.

Leg kick for Burns. Now a solid one for Masvidal. He lands another one. Burns with a kick that’s checked.

Masvidal looking for an overhand as Burns steps into range, but misses and then has to escape before Burns can grab hold of him.

Body kick for Masvidal. Both men just missing with overhands. Masvidal attempts a jumping knee but comes up short. Kick for Masvidal and solid strike for Burns. Calf kick for Burns.

Jumping knee attempt from Masvidal that finds fresh air and a big counter punch lands for Masvidal, who motions his opponent to come at him.

The action is heating up now and Burns ends the round by landing a nice takedown and looking for ground-and-pound.

Round Two:

Left hand for Burns and Masvidal checks a kick. Big right hand from Burns drops Masvidal, but he pops right back up.

Burns looking for a takedown and lands it close to the center of the Octagon. Burns in Masvidal’s closed guard. Masvidal trying to tie up Burns and hope for a stand-up.

Body punches for Burns. Not too much happening here as they move close to the cage. Half the round remaining as Burns stacks up and looks to improve position. Masvidal scrambles though, but can’t quite get free as he stands and Burns brings him back down again.

Masvidal with his back to the cage and looking to find an opportunity to stand. He does that, but Burns still clinched up against the cage.

Masvidal turns into Burns and then the same in reverse before they break free.

Masdvidal attempts a kick that’s caught but he gets his leg free. Masvidal lands a flying knee to the body and then a right hand behind it.

Round Three:

Head kick attempt from Burns, but doesn’t quite pay off. Leg kick for Masvidal. Right hand for Burns. Inside leg kick for Masvidal and a low kick in response from Burns.

Jabs land for Burns. Front kick upstairs attempted by Masvidal. Missed uppercut from him, but he lands a low kick.

Spinning back kick to the body from Masvidal. Burns misses a couple of punches but lands a left hand. Now a nice jab. Heavy right hand lands for Burns and that hurt him, but he motions him on.

Burns with another clean punch. jab for Masvidal and a kick behind it. Now a straight right for him.

An uppercut and more punches score for Burns. He lands an overhand right and another punch behind it. Low kick for Masvidal. Now a punch connects for him.

Left hook for Burns and then a right. masvidal with a solid body punch and one upstairs.

Burns in on a takedown but has to settle for the clinch against the cage. Burns works for the takedown again and masvidal manages to stay upright for a moment, but then goes down.

Elbows landing from Burns now. Masvidal working to his knees, but Burns is heavy on his back now. Masvidal scrambling and is driving up to his feet as the fight ends.


A good fight, but there’s no doubt that Burns got the better of it, both with his big takedowns and with some heavy punches too that hurt Masvidal at times.

Burns wins by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28), and as he suggested in the pre-fight build-up, Masvidal then confirms in the Octagon that he’s retiring from the sport.

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