Gilbert Burns TKO’s Demian Maia In First Round At UFC Fight Night 170

Much was made of the grappling credentials of these two fighters tonight at UFC Fight Night 170, but in the end it was a hard left hook that paved the way for Gilbert Burns first round TKO victory over Demian Maia.

Round One:

Leg kick from Burns. Maia just short on a straight left. Another kick from Burns and Maia lands the left hand to the defensive guard of his opponent.

Another straight left from Maia and then goes for a single leg and brings down Burns. Grappling fans rejoice, they are going to the mat!

I spoke too soon, Burns works his way back to his feet relatively quickly. However, Maia has Burns back and is looking to unsettle his base and take him back down to the mat.

Very nice work from Maia as he does bring Burns down and looks to transition to full mount. However, Burns saw that coming and manages to stand up.

They go back to striking range and Burns lands a fast counter left hook and Maia is sent crashing back onto the canvas.

Burns is already celebrating with his hands raised, but Maia isn’t out so the ref is allowing the fight to continue. Burns then goes down and starts blasting Maia with hammerfists and as Maia slowly tries to sit up under that onslaught the referee decides to step in and end the fight, giving Burns the TKO victory!

Perhaps a little premature from the ref there, but Maia was certainly floored hard by that initial punch.

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