Gleison Tibau Beats Piotr Hallmann By Split Decision At UFC Fight Night 51

Despite beginning to fade in the third round, Gleison Tibau just did enough in the first two rounds of his fight with Piotr Hallmann at UFC Fight Night 51 this evening in Brazil to help secure a split decision victory.

Round One:

Hallmann with a leg ick to start. Powerful body kick from Tibau that knocks his opponent off-balance. Tibau immediately unleashes with some hard strikes as he looks to put his opponent away early, but Hallmann survives.

Tibau in on a takedown attempt and lands it, but Hallmann is back up to his feet relatively quickly.

Hallmann getting a chance to come forward now and throws a couple of punches and a knee behind it. He also slams in a good body kick too.

Hallmann with a front kick to the body and Tibau tries a spinning backfist that misses. Tibau with a takedown attempt – he barely touches his opponent’s knee, but Hallmann still almost falls, but catches his balance in time.

Hallmann briefly into the clinch and then they are back to striking range. Tibau in on another takedown attempt and he has to work hard for it, but lands it well. However, Hallmann again is right back up again.

Tibau trying to keep him against the cage, but it doesn’t work out for him. Hallmann with a nice knee ot the body. He closes Tibau down and lands a good body kick.

Tibau clinches and turns him into the cage. Minute left of a busy round and Hallmann breaks out of the clinch and lands a hook on the way.

Hallmann tries a body kick, but it’s partially caught by Tibau. Right hand lands for Hallmann. Body kick for Tibau, but he’s countered by punches from Hallmann.

Round Two:

Hallmann with a kick to start the second. They’re looking to get busy again here and a spinning back fist from Tibau lands and appears to have hurt Hallmann.

Tibau comes pouring forward and then lands a powerful takedown. Hallmann’s able to get upright again though. Tibau keeps him in the clinch against the cage. They jockey for position and it’s a stalemate so the ref separates them.

Kick from Hallmann that’s almost caught. Tibau with a push kick to his opponents leg. Hallmann misses with a hook and Tibau lands one of his own on the counter.

Another strike lands from Tibau and that brings a cheer from the Brazilian crowd. Tibau clinches against the cage, but Hallmann is able to reverse him. Not for long though as Tibau does the same to him before they break apart.

Short exchange in close. Close stuff at this stage. Kick from Hallmann and then Tibau responds with kicks of his own.

Now it’s Hallmann’s turn to clinch against the cage, but Tibau almost immediately reverses the position. He reaches down for a double leg, but Hallmann keeps his base wide and defends it. Spinning elbow attempt from Tibau on the way out, but it misses.

They briefly separate and then Tibau’s straight into the clinch again. Hallmann reverses this time and lands a couple of good knees to the body before he’s turned by his opponent. Tibau down on his knees for a moment hunting for a final takedown, but can’t do so before the round ends.

Round Three:

Straight punch down the pipe lands for Hallmann. He’s looking to pick up the pace here and lands a couple more straight punches.

He’s looking light on his feet here, but Tibau clocks him with a left hand and then dumps him to the mat with a solid takedown. Hallmann works his way to the cage and pops up to his feet.

Into the clinch position they go again with Tibau crushing his opponent against the cage. Hallmann spins him around and then Tibau responds in kind.

Tibau breaks away with a punch. Hallmann presses forward and lands a few punches before a spinning backfist attempt from Tibau misses.

Hallmann pressing Tibau against the cage and lands a knee that seems to open up a cut on his opponents head. They battle in the clinch and Hallmann lands another knee.

They break apart but are soon back into the clinch again with Tibau landing a nice punch on the way.

There’s a brief stoppage while Tibau’s cut is looked at, but he’s fine to continue. They reset again in the clinch and Tibau gets a takedown. Good work from Hallmann yet again to find his way to his feet again.

They continue to battle for position agains the cage. They break apart and both men look tired after a gruelling fight. Knee lands for Hallmann.

Tibau in on a takedown attempt and goes to his knees while Hallmann rains down some elbows. Tibau back to his feet giving up on the takedown and instead just settling to control the final seconds in the clinch.


Very close, competitive fight here then and that’s reflected in a split decision verdict, but it’s Tibau who scrapes to victory on this occasion (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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