Glover Teixeira found himself taken down early and often against Patrick Cummins tonight at UFC Fight Night 77, but on each occasion he quickly stood back up again and punished his opponent with superior striking, leading to a second round TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Cummins ducks under an early strike from Teixeira and lands a takedown. However, Texeira is quickly back to his feet. Teixeira misses on a right hand as Cummins connects with an uppercut.

Cummins in on another takedown and again lands it, but again Teixeira is swifly back upright. Cummins remains in the clinch long enough to land a knee to the body.

Hook lands for Teixeira. Now he connects with a left and Cummins wipes at his eye. Again Teixeira connects. And again, this time with another left hook.

Cummins with a body lock now and hoists Teixeira up and brings him to the mat. He tries to take Teixeira’s back, but the Brazilian is back up on his feet again.

Teixeira with a combination and lands an uppercut in there and Cummins knees sags a little, but he stays upright. He’s hanging in there despite being outclassed on the feet so far and secures another takedown. He stays heavy this time, but as soon as there’s just a little room Teixeira scrambles up.

Teixeira with a little cut to his left eye, but he’s continuing to land strikes. Cummins with an uppercut. He comes in with a big knee, but Teixeira takes it well.

Final 10 seconds of the round and Teixeira rocks Cummins with huge uppercuts, then shoves him to the mat as the round ends.

Round Two:

Teixeira on the offense early and pieces together punches that has the bloodied Cummins in trouble again. Staggered Cummins goes for a desperates takedown and luckily for him he lands it. Again is not long before Teixeira stands and picks up where he left off.

Teixeira is just teeing off on Cummins against the cage now with left and right hooks. It’s all Cummins can do to remain standing under this violent outburst and the referee rightly swoops in to end the fight before he takes any more punishment, giving Teixeira a big TKO victory.