Gokhan Saki KO’s Henrique da Silva In 1st Round At UFC Fight Night 117

Gokhan Saki showed off his world-class kickboxing skills tonight in the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 117 as he dismantled and KO’d Henrique da Silva inside of a single round in Japan.

Round One:

Saki lands a big right hand early. Now a kick upstairs. The left hook connects too as the kickboxing star shows what he’s made of.

Another big strike and Da Silva is dropped to the mat. Saki all over Da Silva in the opening stages of this fight.

Da Silva already realizes that he’s in over his head in the stand-up and he tries to take Saki down, but his attempt is stuffed.

Saki back to picking Da Silva apart with accurate strikes. Saki reels off a couple of big left hooks and Da Silva looks like he just doesn’t want to be there right now as his face gets steadily busted up.

Da Silva attempting to get the fight to the mat again, but nothing doing and it’s Saki who briefly takes him down, though he’s right back up again.

Da Silva in with a few knees from the clinch. He needs more of that to earn Saki’s respect. It’s been a high-tempo first few minutes and Saki is starting to look a little tired and Da Silva connects with a punch.

Suddenly growing in confidence it’s Da Silva who is starting to piece together a sustained combination of punches and kicks that puts Saki in danger against the cage.

However, just as the tables look to have turned, Saki suddenly fires back with a two-piece combo, following up a right hand with a huge left hook that catches Da Silva clean and drops him hard to the canvas for the KO finish at 4.45mins of the first round!

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