Greg Hardy TKO’s Maurice Greene In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 181

Greg Hardy dropped Maurice Greene twice tonight on his way to a second round TKO victory at UFC Fight Night 181.

Round One:

Outside leg kick for Greene. Inside leg kick for Hardy. He lands it again. Body punch for him. Big right hand lands for Harddy and then brings the dazed Greene to the mat.

Hardy lands a big punch on the mat. Hardy into half guard landing strikes to the midsection. Hardy trying to disrupt his opponent’s breathing here as he stays heavy on top.

Heavy elbow strike lands for Hardy. he’s fighting patient on top here though. He postures up and lands a hammerfist and then an elbow.

Greene finally escapes and gets back to his feet. left hand for Hardy as Greene looks for a push kick.

Overhand right from Hardy just grazes the target. Now a body kick. Head kick attempt from Greene. Nicely timed step-in knee to the body for Greene now.

Jab for Hardy. Now an inside leg kick. One lands to the outside of the leg. Another lands. He threatens with the overhand again.

Jab for Greene. Both men breathing heavy. Another jab for Greene. Body punch for Hardy. Side kick to the knee for Greene. Punches for Greene, but Hardy lands one final blow before the round ends.

Round Two:

Both trade early punches that don’t find the mark. Body punch for Hardy. Now a grazing left hook. Outside leg kick for him. Greene’s leg buckles a bit when he lands those.

Head kick attempt from Greene. Hard uppercut for Hardy and it drops Greene. Hardy stoops over him and starts raining down blows and Greene can’t get out from under this sustained assault, which leads to the ref stepping in and waving off the fight, handing Hardy a TKO victory at 1.12mins of the second round.

Afterwards Greene protests that he was still moving and the fight shouldn’t have been stopped, but it won’t change the result and it’s a solid victory for Hardy.

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