Gregor Gillespie Defeats Jason Gonzalez With Arm Triangle Choke At UFC Fight Night 116

Gregor Gillespie emerged victorious against Jason Gonzalez tonight at UFC Fight Night 116 in an action-packed encounter that surely will end up claiming ‘Fight Of The Night’ honors.

Round One:

Gonzales letting his hands and feet go immediately, with a solid head kick landing in there.

Gillespie in on a takedown attempt then transitions to a big elbow strike that drops Gonzalez. Gillespie looking to finish this off, but Gonzalez hangs tough and is soon back to his feet.

Gillespie clobbers Gonzalez again and suddenly we’re watching an all-out slugfest as both men swing for the fences and show impressive chins as they eat big shots – Gonzalez taking the worst of it though.

Gillespie in on another takedown and it’s very well executed. He continues to work hard on the mat, but despite this punishing pace early in the fight, Gonzalez is still staying composed and nicely manages to find a way to get back upright.

Wild action again on the feet as Gonzalez launches everything but the kitchen sink at his opponent, including more dangerous head kick attempts.

Gillespie eats a big punch and he almost drops to his knees, but transitions it into a takedown attempt. He works hard and does manage to get Gonzalez down again and this time is able to keep him occupied down there for the remainder of the round.

Crazy first round!

Round two:

Gonzalez again out early with head kicks, knees and hard punches, but amid that whirlwind of strikes Gillespie is back to his double-leg takedown and lands it.

Gillespie moves to mount his opponent. He’s stifling Gonzalez from this position now and is starting to set-up an arm triangle choke. Gonzalez trying his best to fight it off, but Gillespie sinks it in fully and after a struggle the tap-out does come.

What a fight. Both men just went full throttle from the start of the first round and each had their moments in the frantic exchanges that followed, but it was Gillespie’s superior grappling that eventually won the day and extends his career record to a perfect 10-0.

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