Gregory Rodrigues Beats Dusko Todorovic By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 189

Gregory Rodrigues made the most of his short-notice UFC debut tonight as he outstruck Dusko Todorovic over three rounds to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Todorovic taking the center of the Octagon to start, but Rodrigues lands an early jab. Todorovic quickly responds with a flurry of punches and then clinches up against the cage.

Rodrigues bides his time and then reverses the clinch position, but it’s not long before Todorovic turns into him again.

Good work from Rodrigues as he lands a trip takedown. Todorovic is quickly back up and Rodrigues lands him with a jab. Rodrigues with a leg kick. Todorovic with straight punches of his own.

Rodrigues lands a couple of clean punches as Todorovic backs up. Todorovic tries for a takedown, but Rodrigues stuffs it.

Rodrigues getting some clean punches off in this first round. Jab from Todorovic but doesn’t land cleanly.

Jab from Todorovic and a leg kick from Rodrigues. Now a body punch from Rodrigues. Low leg kick from ROdrigues.

Both land a punch apiece. Todorovic bursts forward with a flurry, but doesn’t find a home for those punches.

Rodrigues definitely showing a power advantage so far and good accuracy too. He fought only a couple of weeks ago though, so it’ll be interesting to see how his cardio holds up later in the fight, if it gets that far.

Todorovic lands a few punches of his own though and attempts a front kick upstairs. Rodrigues fires out the jab.

Round Two:

Body kick for Todorovic. Right hand for Rodrigues. Todorovic attempts a takedown, but Rodrigues shrugs him aside and continues to connect with clean right hands.

Todorovic doubles up on the jab. Hook for Rodrigues. Todorovic works to the body. Jab for Todorovic and Rodrigues returns fire.

Rodrigues blasts into a big takedown. Todorovic quickly gets to his knees and stands back up, but Rodrigues lands a good knee upstairs.

Rodrigues gets him back to one knee and tries to work onto his back. Todorovic back on his feet, but keeping his hands down on the mat, then picks his moment to rise up. ROdrigues works to his back and tries to bring him down, but Todorovic stops that and turns into him.

Back to striking range and Rodrigues lands another punch. left hand for Todorovic and then works back into the clinch.

jab for Rodrigues as they separate again. Punches and then a body kick from Rodrigues. Jab for Todorovic. He doubles up on it thise time.

Todorovic steps in but eats a right hand, left hook combo. Good jab timed from Todorovic now. Rodrigues lands his own jab.

A few fakes from both men and then Rodrigues lands a leg kick. Jab for Todorovic. Another leg kick from Rodrigues as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Rodrigues working punches to the body. Todorovic pressing forward and then lands a jumping knee upstairs. Now pressing Rodrigues up against the cage.

They separate and Rodrigues goes to the center of the Octagon, then drives into a takedown, but Todorovic does well to stay upright and get back to striking range.

leg kick for Rodrigues. Now a body punch. Right hand for Rodrigues. Todorovic lands a punch of his own. Light leg kick for him.

Good rip to the body from Rodrigues. Now the jab and then right hand. Right hand again for Rodrigues and then an even better one from Todorovic.

Jab for Rodrigues. Now Todorovic with the jab. Todorovic trying to step into range and eats a couple of punches for his troubles.

Todorovic first with the jab. Another exchange of strikes. Body punch from Rodrigues. Rodrigues just a bit more accurate and powerful up to this point.

In close Todorovic sits into a few solid punches and then gets back out. Body kick for him. Now a couple of jabs as he circles his opponent.

Into the phone booth they go again and Todorovic rips nicely to the body, but Rodrigues lands a punch in there too.

Final 15 seconds and Todorovic closes the distance and clinches up against the cage. They look to strike one last time and Rodrigues lands an elbow.


Competitive fight then, but Rodrigues made the most of this short notice opportunity by landing frequently with authority, particularly in the first two rounds, and that helps him to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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