GSP And Ronda Rousey Praise UFC’s New Drug Test Policy

The UFC dramatically stepped up their battle to rid the sport of performance enhancing drugs yesterday by announcing comprehensive out-of-competition testing for every fighter on the roster and increased suspensions to at least 2 years for those who get caught.

Afterwards a number of current UFC fighters came out in support of the UFC’s new drug testing policy, including Georges St. Pierre who had indicated recently that he would only consider returning to the sport if the promotion improved their testing procedures.

“Very happy to learn about the UFC announcing a new comprehensive random PED testing,” the former welterweight champion, who vacated his title in 2013, wrote on Twitter after hearing the news. “Clearly a big step in the right direction for our sport. Can’t wait to get more details about the actual protocol, 3rd party testing agency and new sanctions.”

Meanwhile, current woman’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey spoke to FOX Sports 1 to give her thoughts on the announcement.

“I believe with a combat sport like UFC, it’s so important – so much more important than any other sport [to get properly tested] – because it’s not just fairness,” Rousey said an the America’s Pre-Game show. “It’s the safety of the fighters. And keeping the sport safe is what makes it possible for us to do it.

“I gave my opinion [to the UFC], and I’m glad it didn’t fall on deaf ears. These guys are smart, they know how to do business. The No. 1 thing they can do to protect their investment is to make sure the sport endures.”

Watch Rousey’s full interview below and scroll down to read more fighter reactions to the news.

“Love the stance UFC is taking on PED’s now. Gonna be great for the sport. Excited to know I’ll be fighting normal human beings. #dontcheat”Chris Weidman.

“Hey kids #DontDoDrugs…even @ufc is saying so finally…I’ll be the 1st one in line… #TheOnceAndFutureKing”Ben Henderson

“Great news about the new drug testing policy! i hope my next fight against @Ruthless_RL at #ufc189 will be part of this new testing era, Make it happen!”Rory MacDonald

“Today is a great day for the sport of mixed martial arts. Excellent work @lorenzofertitta @danawhite @ufc”Michael Bisping

“Excited about the potential change in the UFC but talk is cheap. Opening with suspensions of recent PED athletes would convey their resolve.”Tim Kennedy

“Man yall better stay off them DRUGS or it will be the end of your career.” Clint Hester

“Well done @ufc with new PED testing policy and supporting longer ban. Important that true technique and talent shines through.”Gunnar Nelson

“The @ufc press conference right now. A new era for the sport and a huge positive step forward.”Kenny Florian

“More testing the better. Lets hope other big shows follow the @UFC’s lead so there is no place to hide within our sport.”Joe Lauzon

“Today is a good day for the sport of MMA!! Entering a new era!! #drugfree”Tarec Saffiedine

“People about to start going from MW to featherweight with these new rules LoL #CleanUp”Derek Brunson

“congrats to @UFC for tightening the rules! #cheatingisnotgood #testmeanytimeanyplace”
Felice Herrig

“Big thanks to @ufc @danawhite @lorenzofertitta for cleaning sport up.”Khabib Nurmagomedov

“Thanks to @danawhite @lorenzofertitta @ufc for helping our sport to get rid of the #PED. Now we’re gonna see who is real.”Ruslan Magomedov


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