In a new interview with CBC in Canada, former UFC welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre claims that the reason he decided to vacate his title and take a break from the UFC was due to fears for his mental health.

According to GSP, he’s battled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which has helped, but also ultimately hindered him over the course of his mixed martial arts career.

“As a competitor, as a fighter it’s a good thing to have it, because it makes you better, because you completely obsess about being a better martial artist,” St.Pierre told CBC. “Every day, everything you do is oriented toward that goal.

“This same obsession about my work, about my job, to make me better, it was going to drive me crazy. That’s why I took that break. I don’t call it a retirement, because I don’t know if it will be, but I had to step outside the competition for a while.”

As for whether he may one day return to the Octagon, he hints that he might, though he also suggests that his battle with OCD could limit how long he’s able to compete for.

“I will be happy doing it again until the obsessiveness takes over and makes me unhappy again,” he said.

Watch more of GSP’s interview with CBC below.

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