Georges St-Pierre

Georges St.Pierre is in Germany for the UFC Fight Night 41 event this weekend and answered a few questions from the media.

of course the big question on everyone’s mind is if and when the former welterweight champion intends to return to the Octagon, and the answer is that he’s undecided at this stage.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, since I’m 19 years old – I’m 33 now,” St.Pierre said during an informal media scrum. “When I fought Condit I was very hungry, I was very happy to be there. I wanted to do it a lot. Diaz, a little bit less and the last training camp I had for Hendrix I didn’t have the same motivation, so it went down.

“I need to get back to that level of hungriness, I need to get the motivation back.”

While he continues to rekindle his desire to compete, GSP continues to rehab an ACL injury and will feature in a remake of cult 80’s martial arts movie ‘Kickboxer’.