Will UFC legend Georges St. Pierre ever fight again? We may finally know the answer for certain in six weeks time says his boxing coach Freddie Roach.

Roach says that GSP turned up at his Wild Card gym and despite the fact that the esteemed boxing trainer was suffering from back pain at the time he immediately got into the ring with the MMA superstar and did 10 rounds on the pads with him.

The two men have always had a good relationship and it seems they’ve came up with what Roach calls “a process” to establish once and for all whether the former long-time welterweight champion still has the desire to compete again.

“He’s going to train for a fight,”
Roach told Fight Hub TV. “He’s going to have a six-week training camp. At the end of the six weeks, if he feels like he’s ready to fight, and he’s hungry for it like he always has been, he’s going to do it. He would fight one more time.

If he doesn’t feel it and he feels like it’s just not there, he’ll let it go and he’s going to retire. I think it’s a good idea. I think it’s really smart to do that, to see where he’s at in his mind.”

GSP generally likes to conduct his business, both personal and professional in private, but this wouldn’t be the first time that Roach has spilled the beans on what’s really going on, and he’s not the only one to have done so.

During a recent UFC Q&A in Ireland, St. Pierre’s friend and Tri-Star training partner Rory MacDonald that GSP had informed him he was coming back only for super-fights. Appearing to realize he may have said too much MacDonald then backtracked and added that it’s only “if” he comes back, rather than something definite.

That seems to tie in with the latest news from Roach which suggests that GSP is definitely considering a return, but hasn’t quite made up his mind 100% yet whether it’ll happen or not. By the sounds of things, if it is going to happen it’s likely to take place in 2016 though.

Check out the interview with Roach below.