The cult classic 80’s martial arts movie ‘Kickboxer’ starring Jean Claude Van Damme is set to be remade, and UFC superstar Georges St.Pierre has been signed up to appear in it.

According to a press release from Hong Kong actor / director Steven Fung, stuntman Alain Moussi will play the lead role in the remake, while GSP will join WWE star Dave Batista in supporting roles.

St.Pierre vacated the UFC welterweight title at the end of last year in order to take an extended break from the sport.

He’s given no indication as yet of if or when he may return to the Octagon, but the fact that he tore his ACL in training back in March indicates that it’s not going to be any time soon.

In the mean time he has been exploring acting roles, and recently appeared as a villain in the box office smash hit, ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’.

Below you’ll find the basic plot for the ‘Kickboxer’ reboot included with the press release.

“David and Kurt Sloan are the descendants of a well-known Venice, California dynasty of champions. Both are top-notch fighters and athletes in the prime of their lives. When David wins the Karate World Championship, a promoter lures him to Hong Kong despite Kurt’s protests that the man is a crook. Not soon after, Kurt receives a letter from David and heads to Thailand to meet him. When he arrives, he discovers his brother is dead. The man responsible is the viscous Tong Po. Desperate to seek revenge, Kurt turns to Xian Chow, his brother’s former mentor. To defeat the man who killed his brother, Kurt must look within himself to find the strength and courage of a champion.”