GSP UFC 158 Post-Fight Interview

Georges St.Pierre believed he’d made peace with Nick Diaz after defeating him at UFC 158, and so he was taken by surprise backstage to hear some of the comments his rival said about him post-fight.

“Ha, I don’t really know what to say,” GSP said when told by Ariel Helwani that Diaz was calling for a rematch and claimed that he punched like a girl. “…It was a tough fight…I’m kind of disappointed to be hearing this. I don’t know.

“He had a very good game, hard to hit on the ground. He had an unusual style, couldn’t really get my position on him.

“Well, if he want to play that game, I feel kind of…no, I don’t wanna go that…no, no, it’s OK, I’m going to keep the high road and say it was a good fight.”

And the long-time champion didn’t rule out the idea that one day they may indeed fight again.

“I don’t know, maybe we will have a rematch some time, but I’m happy right now.”

As for who he’ll fight next, St.Pierre indicated that he believed that Johny Hendricks was the rightful No.1 contender, but for now he just wants to take a vacation for the first time since he returned from his injury last year.

Watch GSP’s full interview with Ariel Hewalni below.


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